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Each year BeverageDaily runs a series of special edition newsletters – each putting the spotlight on an innovative industry sector – and we’re looking ahead to our 2018 subjects.

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What functionality are consumers looking for in beverages? What does (or doesn’t) make a drink ‘healthy’ in their eyes? Can we expect the emphasis on natural flavors and colors to continue? Where is the craft craze going next? And is growth in the trendy RTD tea and coffee categories set to continue?

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Functional, fortified and healthy beverages

Friday April 6

Once, beverages were simply about hydration. Now, people are clued up to the concept of healthy hydration while also asking what additional benefits their drinks can provide.

We all know that consumers are increasingly conscious about their health – but what exactly are they looking for in beverages? Are consumers swapping out sugar for sweeteners – or is it the other way round? How much weight do functional claims carry – and which ones are consumers most interested in?

We put the spotlight on exactly what is on-trend with the ever-growing body of health conscious consumers.

Flavor and color trends

Friday July 20

Beverage entrepreneurs have a world of exotic ingredients and flavors at their disposal, offering consumers the taste of something completely new. Beverages have traditionally focused on sweetness – but do fermented beverages highlight bitter as a growing trend? What new flavors resonate with consumers – or do they secretly crave simplicity and familiarity? How are key trends such as natural, clean label, organic or non-GMO going to shape up over the coming years?

The Craft Craze

Friday September 21

Craft beer has made its mark – but where’s it all going next? Will consumers start placing new demands on the category; increasing scrutiny of the concept of ‘craft’ and what brands stand for?

Meanwhile, with many consumers seeking to reduce their alcohol intake, manufacturers are eying up the opportunity for premium soft drinks with craft credentials, focusing on aspects such as unusual ingredients, small batch production and luxury positioning.

RTD tea and coffee

Friday November 16

RTD coffee now accounts for 20% of the $13.6bn US retail coffee market, with the segment forecast to grow by 67% from 2017 to 2022.

Innovation in RTD coffee is accelerating, with small start-up brands through to multi-national players like Coca-Cola, McDonald’s, Nestle and PepsiCo showing increased interest in the category. From iced coffee to cold brew to nitro coffee, how are trends in the coffee shop culture transitioning into RTD?

Meanwhile, RTD tea has a chance to steal market share from carbonated soft drinks, calling out their healthy, natural, or functional and antioxidant properties. With an annual growth rate of 7%, how will this sector evolve?

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