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Cheese lovers, would you try Cheese Tea?

By Teodora Lyubomirova

Tea brand Heytea has landed in Paris, France with the aim to entice the cheese-loving nation with its Cheese Tea in the build-up to the Summer Olympics.

Source: Bobabam

Startup Spotlight

Bobabam built a devoted fan base with customizable at-home boba tea kits

By Deniz Ataman

Capitalizing on the boba tea boom during the pandemic, coupled with their love of the Taiwanese drink, Bobabam co-founders, Brian Khoddam, Ron Escopete and Bob Yau, leveraged their expertise in supply chain, foodservice, and data analysis to quickly launch...

Could sugarcane super crop cut cost of sugar? GettyImages/AlexandraFlorian

Could sugarcane super crop cut cost of sugar?

By Donna Eastlake

The cost of sugar has increased sharply in recent years. Now researchers believe gene editing could boost supplies. But how, and what does this mean for manufacturers?

The acquisition will create a beer and soft drink heavyweight: including Carlsberg, Pepsi and Robinson's brands. Pic: getty/kajakiki

Carlsberg to acquire Britvic

By Rachel Arthur

Carlsberg will create a UK beverage heavyweight across beer and soft drinks with its acquisition of Britvic: with the two companies announcing this morning that they have reached an agreement on the terms of the transaction.


The BBQ Index: Beer, burgers and other Fourth of July staples

By Rachel Arthur

As Americans gear up to celebrate Independence Day, Rabobank breaks down the cost of a classic 10-person BBQ. This year's BBQ Index shows that inflation is a huge concern for consumers - but how does this play out in the beer category?

Mike Cessario founded Liquid Death in 2018. 'I did not expect this level of success!', he tells us.

How to build a beverage brand: Liquid Death on its marketing magic

By Rachel Arthur

Liquid Death has turned the bottled water category on its head: with its energy-drink-esque branding and novel approach to marketing ('Murder your thirst!' declares the brand's tagline). Mike Cessario, founder and CEO, sits down with BeverageDaily...

The lower calorie wine officially endorsed by WW

The wine officially endorsed by WW

By Rachel Arthur

TRACES has become the only wine officially endorsed by the global weight management company, WW, in the UK and Ireland. But its potential could go far beyond the program: does lower-calorie wine hold the key to appealing to the next generation of drinkers?