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ASA gives Hangcure a headache over implied disease claims

By Nikki Hancocks

The UK Advertising Standards Authority (ASA) has warned UK supplement brand Hangcure Ltd that it must not claim that its product can prevent, treat or cure disease through product name or advertising.

Can brands make sustainability claims based on offsets? Pic:getty/richarddrury

Sustainability claims: How careful do brands need to be?

By Rachel Arthur

Budweiser has recently clarified its 'brewed with 100% renewable electricity' claim in the UK and Ireland after scrutiny from advertising watchdogs. How careful do brands need to be when making similar claims?

Deschutes and Patagonia team up to promote Kernza with the new brew.

Deschutes Brewery and Patagonia team up on kernza brew

By Rachel Arthur

Deschutes Brewery and Patagonia Provisions are exploring the potential of Kernza - an organic, carbon-sequestering perennial grain that acts as a substitute for wheat – with two new brews set to launch later this year.

Diageo creates paper bottles for Baileys, Johnnie Walker

Diageo debuts paper-based bottle for Baileys

By Rachel Arthur

Diageo has launched a trial for a paper-based bottle for Baileys Irish Cream Liqueur; while a Johnnie Walker paper-based bottle is also in development.

Pic: getty/schnarrs

Will AI revolutionize how brewers create new beers?

By Rachel Arthur

Brewers have long championed the craft and passion behind brewing beer - but scientists believe AI and machine learning has the potential to revolutionize how the industry develops new brews. What will beer development look like in the future?

Damm produces 25 different beer brands including Estrella Damm. Credit: Getty / coldsnowstorm


Estrella Damm to open first UK brewery

By William Dodds

Spanish drinks producer Damm, known for its Estrella Damm lager, is opening its first brewery in the UK, according to The Times.

Image: Getty/studioCJ

Climate change & wine: A global map of changing wine regions

By Rachel Arthur

Climate change could create dramatic shifts in where wine is produced: making vineyards unsustainable in some regions, but opening up new opportunities in others. Researchers have mapped how the global distribution of vineyards is likely to change.

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