Prickly pear: a staple of Mexican cuisine that is now making its way into beverages. Pic:Getty/bdsklo

Guest article

Prickly pear: A versatile superfruit

By Linda Barron, CEO, Steaz

Prickly pear - a large sweet fruit native to the Americas - will prove to be more than a passing fad, writes Linda Barron, CEO, Steaz in this guest article. The US company sells organic and fair trade green tea-based beverages - including a prickly pear...

Cryo Hops allows brewers to achieve equivalent or improved hop flavor using roughly half the weight traditional pellet or whole-leaf recipes, YCH Hops said.

Craft Brewers Conference

New era of brewing? YCH Hops sees interest around proprietary Cryo Hops

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Cryo Hops, developed by YCH Hops using a patent-pending process, has generated a buzz with brewers as the highly-concentrated ingredient means breweries, in theory, can use half the amount of hops to achieve the same desired beer flavor profiles.

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