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Should sugar taxes be extended beyond beverages?

By Rachel Arthur

Most ‘sugar taxes’ are, in reality, ones that apply specifically to beverages. Is this fair – and would extending them to items such as chocolate, cakes and biscuits work?

Pic: getty/lightfieldstudios

The world’s most valuable beer brands

By Rachel Arthur

With heavyweights such as Budweiser, Corona and Michelob Ultra jostling for the top spot, who is crowned as the world’s most valuable beer brand?

What flavors are trending? Pic: getty/debbielewisharrison

The top five flavor trends for summer 2024

By Rachel Arthur

Ready for a spicy tamarind mangorita? Or excited about a parmesan espresso martini? Diageo highlights the top flavor trends it’s watching this summer.

Can brands make sustainability claims based on offsets? Pic:getty/richarddrury

Sustainability claims: How careful do brands need to be?

By Rachel Arthur

Budweiser has recently clarified its 'brewed with 100% renewable electricity' claim in the UK and Ireland after scrutiny from advertising watchdogs. How careful do brands need to be when making similar claims?

Deschutes and Patagonia team up to promote Kernza with the new brew.

Deschutes Brewery and Patagonia team up on kernza brew

By Rachel Arthur

Deschutes Brewery and Patagonia Provisions are exploring the potential of Kernza - an organic, carbon-sequestering perennial grain that acts as a substitute for wheat – with two new brews set to launch later this year.

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