Juiceology CEO addresses the fiber gap: There’s still white space in the juice category

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Juiceology finds white space in premium juice category
Most juices – even the super-premium high pressure processed (HPP) ones – don’t contain a ton of fiber, says Juiceology founder & CEO Felipe d’Avila, who has carved out some white space in the category with flash-pasteurized, aseptically-filled refrigerated juices blended with soluble oat and barley fiber.

“Everyone is talking about protein, which most people already get enough of,"​ says d’Avila. "But fiber is a different story, and no one is really talking about it in the juice category.

"The challenge is that many consumers know they should get more, but they see fiber as a boring thing, so we have to market the benefits without lecturing people about it. We have to make it fun."

Juiceology juices – which contain 32% of the RDA for fiber with fewer than 200 calories per 15.2oz bottle (two servings) – were launched in 2012 by d’Avila’s family-owned company Daklen Inc, and are now in almost 5,000 stores across the country from Walmart, Safeway, and Sprouts to Kroger, Albertson’s and Bristol Farms, says d'Avilla, a Brazilian national, who is now based in LA.

Felipe d'Avila: 'Everyone is talking about protein, which most people already get enough of, but fiber is a different story.'

“We knew there was an opportunity to create a niche in the market for a juice with fiber. But I didn’t want to make a meal replacement.

"I wanted to get something that was under 200 calories, with as little sugar as possible, and lots of fiber without it being heavy, which is why we opted for the oats and barley. There’s also a small amount of chicory root fiber in there too.”

Sophisticated, but affordable

Retailers, he says, are all allocating more space to the produce and chilled beverage categories, and they like Juiceology's focus on fiber as a point of difference coupled with the fact that the brand is seen as sophisticated, but affordable: “We’re seeing good velocity in stores.”

Juiceology typically retails at $2.99-$3.49 per bottle, which puts it in the premium, but not ultra-premium, category, he says.

“If you use HPP (high pressure processing) you’re adding three to four bucks to every bottle and not everyone can pay that. Our products are only heated for 20-25 seconds and are still packed with nutrients.

“We want to reach the consumer that doesn’t just shop at Whole Foods, but still wants a premium, natural product.”

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