My Drynuary: ‘Our customers are our main source of inspiration'

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Partake's brews come in at between 10 and 30 calories per can. Pic: Partake
Partake's brews come in at between 10 and 30 calories per can. Pic: Partake

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Canadian non-alcoholic beer Partake Brewing was launched in 2017: and now sells its brews across Canada and the US. Evan Cohen, President and Chief Commercial Officer, looks at the two markets in this series on innovators in the low/no alcohol industry.

Founded by Ted Fleming in 2017 after he was diagnosed with Crohn’s Disease, Partake’s brews include Pale, IPA, Dunkel, Blonde and Hazy IPA. Brews are available in grocery stores around the US and Canada, including Whole Foods, Target, Loblaw, Sobey’s, Wegmans, Total Wine & More.  

With 25+ years of experience in the beverage alcohol industry - including roles with MillerCoors and SABMiller - Cohen tells us what's trending in the non-alcoholic sector.

Introduce us to Partake!

Founded in 2017, Partake Brewing has become a leader in non-alcoholic beer in North America. Brewed using a proprietary process resulting in deliciously low cal beer, Partake Brewing is praised by drinkers for its unique combination of exceptional flavor, classic styles, and game-changing nutritionals. 

Where can we find your products?

Evan Cohen

Distribution in major retailers across Canada and the United States and available to order online to ship directly to your home at

What can we expect from the drinking experience of Partake?

With a variety of authentic craft styles, Partake non-alcoholic brews promise the quality and taste of exceptional beer while maintaining a calorie count below 30, the lowest on the market.

How do you see the alcohol-free beer market evolving?

The non-alcoholic beer sector is poised to sustain its projected growth with an expected Compound Annual Growth Rate (CAGR) of almost 8% in North America over the next decade. Anticipating a continuity in consumer behavior, we envision a trend towards individuals prioritizing personal health and wellness, leading to the adoption of healthier lifestyle choices.

As the social acceptance of those choosing non-alcoholic alternatives continues to rise, this category is likely to entice more individuals to explore the diverse options available, both on physical store shelves and in virtual shopping carts across Canada and the US, offered by Partake and our competitors.

You expanded into the US in 2020. What are the biggest differences between the two countries for you?

The Canadian and US markets exhibit more similarities than differences. Consumers, spanning North America, are driven by similar healthy lifestyle motivations when opting for non-alcoholic alternatives. This trend is prominently fueled by the pervasive "better for you movement," emphasizing health and wellness.

On both sides of the border, individuals seek beverages that align with their healthier choices, prompting a shared inclination towards mindful drinking and non-alcoholic options. 

What does January look like for Partake?

January is an opportunity to lean into the health and wellness goals of consumers and discuss a lifestyle choice for flexible drinking. January is a time to continue educating consumers on Partake as a delicious N/A alternative that tastes great and has the lowest calories on the market. 

What’s on your radar for 2024?

We're excited to further solidify and expand our network of partnerships and collaborations throughout Canada and the USA this year. Our recent alliance with The Association of Pickleball Players 2024 Tour is a partnership we're especially eager to bring to life this year. The rapid growth of pickleball as America’s fastest-growing sport, combined with the shared values of wellness, inclusivity and enjoyment between our organization and The APP, amplifies our enthusiasm for the potential impact of this partnership.

There’s an increasing number of non-alcoholic beers out there! Is there room for everyone… or is the market becoming more competitive? What do you think a successful non-alcoholic beer needs to do to stand out?

The space is a lot noisier compared to when we launched Partake as the first of its kind, but there is room for everyone. There are many more options for drinkers to choose from and a lot of innovation in the category, which is exciting and gratifying to witness. This is a reflection of consumers’ growing acceptance of flexible drinking rituals and the direction for choosing a healthy lifestyle.

I am not sure about others, but for Partake it was launched as a passion for a non-alc product of the utmost excellence, and as such, we have been able to carve out a meaningful place for Partake with an unwavering commitment to our drinkers to deliver the best non-alc craft drinking experience with great taste and the lowest calories on the market. 

What inspires you on your low/no alcohol journey?

Our customers are our main source of inspiration. Whether they’re new to non-alcoholic and Partake, or have been with us since the company’s inception, understanding our “Partakers” pursuits, passions, motivations, and their trust in our brand incentivizes us to continue to innovate and create exceptional offerings that fit with their lifestyle.

What’s your favorite Partake brew and why?

I might be a bit biased, but honestly, any Partake brew hits the spot. Each one brings something special to the table, making it tough to pick just one favorite.


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