Recyclable Materials

More than 300bn lids are produced globally each year. Pic: UniCup Scandinavia

Swedish company develops bio-based beverage cup lid

By Jim Cornall

In response to potential EU legislation, Swedish company UniCup Scandinavia AB has created a new bio-based lid made of spruce and pine. The Liplid is placed inside, rather than on, the cup, and the company said this improves the stability and drinking...

Nestlé Brazil’s NESCAU beverage range will be available with SIG’s renewable and recyclable paper straw solution. Pic: SIG

Nestlé Brazil introduces SIG paper straws on NESCAU carton packs

By Jim Cornall

In partnership with SIG, a Swiss-headquartered systems and solutions provider for aseptic carton packaging, Nestlé Brazil’s complete NESCAU beverage range is now available in SIG’s combiblocMini carton packs with SIG’s renewable and recyclable paper straw...

Coca-Cola wants to see the equivalent of all its packaging - whether plastic, glass or cans - collected and recycled. Pic: Coca-Cola.

Sustainability spotlight

How does Coca-Cola’s 100% recycling commitment stack up?

By Rachel Arthur

Coca-Cola says it is ‘fundamentally reshaping its approach to packaging’ by pledging to collect and recycle the equivalent of 100% of its packaging globally by 2030. But what does environmental campaigner Greenpeace make of the commitments?

ACCC will not oppose Pact’s acquisition of Power Plastics

‘Pact will face competitive constraint from other manufacturers’

ACCC will not oppose Pact’s acquisition of Power Plastics

By Jenny Eagle

The Australian Competition and Consumer Commission (ACCC) will not oppose the proposed acquisition of Power Plastics by a subsidiary of Pact Group Holdings.

Italian firm promises PET with the glamor of glass


Italian firm promises PET with the glamor of glass


P.E.T Engineering outlines the technical challenges involved in producing an award-winning lightweight PET bottle that retains its structural integrity, and a trend towards making PET bottles with the glamor of glass.

PET wine bottle sets packaging expert's pulse racing


PET wine bottle sets packaging expert's pulse racing


Consumer packaging specialist Andrew Streeter believes a new PET wine bottle for Portuguese brand Monte Dos Amigos can rival glass in a way that previous attempts have not.

Coca-Cola launched its PlantBottle in 2009

‘One trip throwaway’ packaging suits beverage brand image: Canadean


Drinks market analysis firm Canadean says that, while it is surprising that a growing number of beverage packages are ‘one trip throwaways’ given environmental concerns, such packaging does offer  brands a better image and greater pack design flexibility.

SIPA's 100% PET water cooler bottle

Dispatches from Emballage 2012

SIPA presses ahead with greener packaging

By Rod Addy

Plastics firm SIPA is making headway with greener packaging initiatives such as lightweighting and increased recycled polyethylene terephthalate (rPET) content, according to the company’s packaging innovation director Laurent Sigler.