What's hitting the shelves? New beverage launches

By Rachel Arthur

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Dash Water launches new flavor, lime. Pic: Dash
Dash Water launches new flavor, lime. Pic: Dash

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From canned cocktails to cold brew tea, we take a look at some of the latest beverage launches around the globe.

Dash Lime

Dash lime main

‘Wonky fruit infused’ sparkling water brand, Dash Water, is expanding its portfolio of drinks with the launch of Dash lime.

The UK brand ‘swoops in to accept the bumpy, lumpy produce that others say no to, dedicated to making wonky fruit the star of the show’.

Jack Scott, co-founder of DASH Water, said: “While we believe we have made some great decisions in the past when it comes to the wonderfully wonky fruits that make up our other six flavors, we wanted to put the power in the hands of our loyal customers this time round.

“After whittling it down to seven options, we asked our followers which flavor they wanted to see next. And boy have they made a good choice. DASH Lime really is bursting with deliciously zesty flavors, and all without the need for sugar or sweeteners.”

The newest addition will join DASH’s tasty line-up of existing wonky flavours: Cucumber, Lemon, Raspberry, Blackcurrant, Peach and Mango.

It is available online while 4x 330 multipacks will be available from Ocado and Waitrose from May 25.

Bacardi Mango Chile

bacardi mango chili

Bacardi’s new flavored rum expression, Mango Chile, has launched in the US.

“With a blend of natural mango extracts, bold chili spice, and smooth Bacardi Superior white rum, the sweet and spicy flavors are best enjoyed as a chilled pour, served in a 1.5oz shot glass - packing the heat and fruity sweetness into a simple and snackable serve,” says the brand.

“Garnish the glass with a Tajin chili spiced rim in order to achieve a truly zesty blend of flavors. Mango Chile can also be used to create delicious cocktails for any warm weather occasion, adding a hot twist to classic Bacardi serves like the Mojito and the Rum Rita.”

Mango Chile is now available at liquor stores and e-comm retailers nationwide.

Non-alcoholic mojito

ish inset

ISH, ‘the mindful drinking company’, is launching its latest non-alcoholic canned cocktail, the ISH mojito.

Made with ISH Caribbean Spiced Spirit, natural lime flavor and Moroccan spearmint, the new beverage delivers 'a refreshing and authentic NA Mojito experience'.

“The Mojito is one of my favorite cocktails,” says ISH Founder Morten Sørensen. “We took our time developing our NA version so that it delivers the bright, refreshing, minty rum experience of a full-strength Mojito – minus the alcohol.”

ISH’s Mojito starts with ISH Caribbean Spiced Spirit, which is made from real Caribbean rum that is carefully de-alcoholized to retain flavor. Then, Madagascar vanilla, Indonesian nutmeg and natural baked apple flavor are added for a rich, warm spiced rum taste. To this, fresh lime and Moroccan spearmint are added.

All ISH NA spirits and RTD cocktails are made with a proprietary distillate using the shells from chili seeds to deliver the bite of full-strength drinks.

Margarita leads US expansion for UK alcohol-free cocktail brand

highball margarita

Highball Cocktails – a UK brand of alcohol-free cocktails – has added a margarita to its range.

The brand was founded in 2019 and now exports to 18 markets worldwide. The new drink will be at the front of the company’s US expansion this year.

Founder Kate Johnson said: “The Margarita is a summer classic for a reason, as well as holding the cocktail favorites top spot in the USA. We felt that it was time to add this tequila-based cocktail to our range as it remains such a strong trend.

"Our handcrafted Highball Margarita uses natural Agave to create the authentic tequila character, fresh lime for a tangy citrus burst and luscious orange to give a sweet contrast. Early feedback suggests that this will be very popular with our customers for summer. A sharp, sophisticated and refreshing cocktail; positively alcohol-free”.

Gin inspired by wine

renais jpeg

Luxury gin brand Renais launches in the UK this summer.

Renais is described as a ‘distinctive and luxurious modern gin inspired by the people, produce and provenance of Chablis and Burgundy, two iconic wine regions in the north of France, made with a base spirit crafted from grapes salvaged from the winemaking process, with the addition of pressed Grand Cru grapes, local terroir and a selection of natural botanicals’.

Founders Alex Watson and sister Emma Watson were inspired by childhood trips to their family’s vineyard, Domaine Watson, in Chablis, which their father has operated for more than 30 years.

“Renais’ unique production process begins with the sourcing and distillation of upcycled French pressed wine grape skins and lees, including some from Domaine Watson itself, which are by-products from the winemaking process,” explains the brand.

“Distilled in small batches for quality, the neat spirit is combined with Kimmeridgian stone distillate – the ‘terroir’ of Chablis – to impart the minerality the region is famed for. Next, it is elevated with highly prized, pressed organic grapes sourced from Chablis’ finest Grand Cru vineyards, which are hand-picked due to the steepness of the slopes, and other all natural botanicals including linden flowers, cubeb berries and acacia honey. The result is a gin with a refreshing, contemporary palate and with bright tasting notes of Chablis minerality, fresh citrus, white grape, garden herbs, flowers and juniper.”

A special release in May will launch with 3,000 – 4,000 bottles: followed by a subsequent batch in June which will retain at £45 for a 70cl bottle (ABV 40%).

Fresh pressed tomato reishi

natalies juices

Natalie’s Juice Company has introduced two new blends in the US: fresh pressed tomato reishi and tangerine pineapple aloe juice.

“With Natalie’s Tomato Reishi Juice, Natalie’s is regenerating a generational favorite,” explains the company. “This tomato juice is a source of clean hydration that is radical in flavor and low in calories. Mindfully handcrafted with an infusion of coveted holistic ingredients including adaptogens and spices for a robust and delectable sip, this juice is made from only 5 ingredients. Rich in Reishi – known to support the immune system, reduce stress, and improve sleep – this blend is vitality on the vine.”

Meanwhile, Natalie’s Tangerine, Pineapple, Aloe, Sweet Basil Juice is a “vibrant oasis of unrivaled freshness. Handcrafted from only five ingredients, this blend was created to support the mind and body with a natural boost. Prepare to glow from the inside out with this unparalleled combination of vitamin-c-rich oranges and tangerines, paired with immune-supporting pineapples and aloe vera, and a touch of sweet basil.”

Coldbrew tea

KAYTEA - White Peach_Lifestyle

UK company Kaytea coldbrew teas is launching a new flavor, white peach: a flavor which ‘showcases green tea’s unheralded prowess as the perfect light yet refreshing setting for white peach to prosper’.

Founder Kevin Tang said he wants the brand carve out a health-focused space for consumers who aren’t necessarily interested in the functional drink category.

“I realised long ago that there’s a significant void in the soft drinks aisle that resides between bland sugary pop and overtly worthy functional brews,” he said.

“Our primary focus has always been our tea prowess, which is why we visited over 250 tea estates to unearth the best providers of quality teas (black, white & green). Yes, we could have easily added blends of lab made vitamins & minerals to claim some arbitrary health claims but that seemed counter-intuitive to our quest to be known for best-in-class, organic ingredients.”

Drink Sprizzi Limonata

drink sprizzi

Restauranteur Jennie Dobbs has joined forces with her winemaker partner Simon Rafuse to create Drink Sprizzi Limonata, a new ready-to-drink lower sugar, artisanal vodka spritzer launching at 10 NSLC locations in Canada.

The ‘super-refreshing, elegant, vodka spritz is expertly made with real lemonade and premium vodka with lively aromas of real lemonade and a palate that drinks with clean, refreshing flavors of lemon and citrus zest’.

“Inspired by Italian al fresco dining and the relaxed, social aspect of good food, good friends and good cocktails, Dobbs’ vision was to bring a fresh, natural, spritzer where the consumer knows its origins and appreciates high quality ingredients,” explains the brand.

“The product was created for people who appreciate good food and want versatility in a ready-to-drink cocktail, by either adding Limonata to other recipes or simply enjoying it straight up from the can. With newer consumer habits in mind, it’s for the customer who wants to drink less but better or the person who wants to discover something new, natural and delicious.”

Drink Sprizzi Limonata is sold in four packs for $18 as well as single 355ml cans for $450.

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