UK’s first non-alcoholic brewery redesigns bottles for global expansion

By Jenny Eagle

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The Nirvana Brewery redesigned labels. Photo: Nirvana Brewery.
The Nirvana Brewery redesigned labels. Photo: Nirvana Brewery.

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Nirvana Brewery, the UK’s first ever non-alcoholic brewery has redesigned its bottles to reflect the company is growing from a family-owned business to expanding into international markets.

The beer labels have kept their iconic brand colours, but the names, product descriptions and graphics have been revamped to ensure clarity for buyers and shelf appeal. 


Co-founders Becky Kean and Andrew Keresey believe its portfolio will not only recruit new devotees but turn any non-believers and sceptics of non-alcoholic beers into loyal fans.  

Until recently, low or non-alcoholic beers have been bland, or light beers produced as an ancillary offering within a traditional beer portfolio​,” she said. 

In the UK 1/5 adults and 1/4 young people steer clear of alcohol entirely, and this growing demographic deserves to be served by a brewery focusing on taste and flavour unrestrained by corporate giants​. 

Nirvana Brewery has already disrupted the non-alcoholic beer market by solely targeting teetotallers, a health-conscious millennial generation or simply people seeking to avoid a hangover​.” 

White Label challenge

Nikita Yan, managing partner, Studio More, which worked on the rebrand with Nirvana Brewery said it had three main challenges to focus on in the redesign. 

"The first was the separation of the Nirvana range and FitBeer lager, the company was spilt into two brands, which to us felt contrived. Our goal was to harmonise this and bring the lager under the Nirvana umbrella to make everything more streamlined. We worked hard to retain the previous on-pack structure for brand recognition, including working with the established range colour. Illustration, copy and tone of voice were updated giving a new clearer focus, bringing all the products into one cohesive family​," she said. 

"The second challenge was to move away from the genetic messages of alcohol-free beer. We wanted to convey Nirvana’s distinct story and share their passion for brewing and the enjoyment of life. We created a “Nirvana Journey” storyboard which focused on Nirvana’s brand values and brand focus. The illustrative storyboard has then deconstructed in various ways, being used across packaging, digital and promotional materials​. "The final challenge was to flip-on-its-head the expectations of low alcohol options lacking flavour. We developed a selection of ownable brand messages which promoted flavour, process and enjoying life to the full. We threaded this branded and positive tone of voice throughout all visual communication, from the packaging to poster design​." 

To introduce the brand’s redesign  Nirvana Brewery hosted an event called the White Label Bottle Project in London on July 29, where it invited guests to taste a mysterious launch of the brewery with no name. 

Attendees were advised on how to taste the range of beers by Ali Dedianko, former director of London Beer Week. At the end of the tasting, Dedianko revealed the truth about the alcohol content and presented the brand. 

The event was held to prove social drinking isn’t necessarily about getting drunk and Nirvana Brewery wants to demystify the perception that comes with the term ‘non-alcoholic beer’ to prove its beverages stand up to scrutiny. 

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