California's world-renowned wine region. Pic:getty/htrnr

‘No concerns about California wines due to Fukushima’

By Rachel Arthur

Wine Institute, the organization representing the California wine industry, has emphasized there are no health risks to consumers from California wines; following media attention on a University of Bordeaux study that looked at the footprint of the 2011...


California wine regions hit by wildfires

By Rachel Arthur

Wildfires have been sweeping across California’s world-famous wine regions, with a state of emergency declared earlier this week in Napa, Sonoma and Yuba Counties. California's wine organisations say it is too early to assess the extent of the damage:...

The warning label required on all sugary beverages would read:  “STATE OF CALIFORNIA SAFETY WARNING: Drinking beverages with added sugar contributes to obesity, diabetes, and tooth decay.”

Special edition: Healthy beverage trends

CA soda warning label: commonsense or red-tape nightmare?

By Maggie Hennessy

Earlier this month, a California Senate committee approved a bill to mandate warning labels on sugary beverages. As SB 1000 awaits votes in the Senate Committee on Appropriations later this month before a full Senate floor vote, the question of public...

Caramel color controversy: New approach needed to assess chemical safety?

Caramel color controversy: New approach needed to assess chemical safety?

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

Some caramel color suppliers have changed their processes to avoid a cancer warning label in California – but current methods and data to assess its potential carcinogenicity in humans are limited, according to associate director of the National Toxicology...


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