Premiumization, crowdfunding, & more acquisitions... here's what experts predict for craft beer. Pic:iStock/Maksymowicz

What's next for craft beer?

By Rachel Arthur

It’s a big question, so we put it to beer gurus from around the globe. Crowdfunding, a split between ‘mass craft’ and ‘true craft’, and the continued rise of premiumization are all on the cards. From brewers to bloggers, and from analysts to associations,...

Consumers have an insatiable desire for new craft beer flavors - heralding a 'new golden age of yeast'. Pic:iStock/ValentynVolkov

Guest article

The emerging revolution in yeast for craft brewers

By Cormac O’Cleirigh, Renaissance Bioscience

With the majority of beer’s flavor and style created by yeast, it’s no stretch to say that yeast is a large part of what puts the 'craft' in craft brewing. What’s exciting for craft brewers is that the emerging revolution in brewer’s yeast means...

'The more breweries that can engage & educate consumers, the better'. Pic: iStock/AngelikaKagan

What does the future hold for UK craft beer?

By Rachel Arthur

The US craft beer movement is undoubtedly an impressive success story, and UK craft brewers can learn from its achievements. But that doesn’t necessarily mean blanket imitation.


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