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By Rachel Arthur

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Karma Energy launches in the US. Pic: Karma
Karma Energy launches in the US. Pic: Karma

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From energy water to hard kombucha, we take a look at some of the beverages launching around the globe.

Karma Energy Water 


Karma Water has introduced Karma Energy Water: a drink which sets out to ‘redefine the landscape of traditional energy drinks’.

“Crafted in collaboration with Kyowa USA, a leading global ingredient manufacturer, Karma Energy Water marries the invigorating power of 150mg of natural caffeine with Kyowa USA’s clinically studied brain health ingredient Cognizin Citicoline,” explains the brand. “Engineered with Karma's proprietary Push Cap, this innovative technology protects the active nutrients until seconds before consumption to ensure optimal potency, creating a one-of-a-kind product for consumers.”

The drink combines 150mg of natural caffeine sourced from green tea and B-Complex vitamins, plus a blend of nootropics, adaptogens, and essential nutrients, providing a sustained, healthier energy boost.

Karma Energy Water will be available in five natural flavors: Raspberry Peach, Melon Dragonfruit, Blueberry Watermelon, Orange Mango and Pineapple Coconut.

Karma Water is naturally sweetened, vegan, non-GMO and free of preservatives, gluten and lactose, and is available in retail stores nationwide and online via the brand.

Boochcraft sparkling apple

boochcraft sparkling apple

California’s Boochcraft has launched its latest organic hard kombucha: Sparkling Apple.

“Inspired by traditional apple cider, this vibrant sip is bursting with red apples, dried hibiscus flowers, eureka lemons and warm comforting notes of ginger and cinnamon,” says the brand.

“This fall, we recommend swapping the next hard cider for something different as Boochcraft’s Sparkling Apple contains 7% ABV and just 7g of sugar per can, compared to the typical 20g of sugar found in traditional hard cider.”

“In typical Boochcraft fashion, this new seasonal flavor is naturally gluten free, vegan, contains zero preservatives and is made with exclusively organic ingredients and real fruit.”

Tulsi Turmeric Chai

organic india

Organic India USA has launched Tulsi Turmeric Chai: the newest Tulsi tea flavor, in which classic chai spices meet golden turmeric. 

“In this perfectly spiced blend of chai favorites: cinnamon, ginger, cardamom, clove and nutmeg are expertly blended with turmeric to offer an earthy twist on a classic combination,” says the brand.

“Tulsi Turmeric Chai brings robust flavor with a caffeinated kick, rounded out by Tulsi, an Ayurvedic adaptogen revered for centuries for its stress-relieving and immune-supporting prowess.”

Launching in the US this fall, the Tulsi Turmeric Chai has an MSRP of $5.69 for an 18-count box and will be on shelves in select natural grocery retailers, including Sprouts and Whole Foods Market, as well as online via Amazon and Organic India USA.

Kombucha litchi & chai


Organic tea brand Les Jardins de Gaïa has collaborated with organic kombucha brand Jubiles to launch a new drink ahead of Christmas in France.

Kombucha Litchi & Chai is a mi of green tea, black tea and organic spices and litchi.

“The festive season is fast approaching and with it, the return to our tables of the small exotic fruit, which is now a Christmas staple. The drink has a round, fruity flavor with the acidity of litchi, with comforting notes of cinnamon, gloves, cardamon and ginger.”

Furthermore, the drink offers a perfect alternative for those not drinking alcohol during the festivities, or for Dry January, adds the brand.

Kombucha Litchi & Chai retails for 4,30 € in France.

Electrolit powder sachets


Electrolit debuted its powder sachets at the NACS show earlier this month.

The premium hydration beverage has launched the powders in a trio of flavors – grape, fruit punch and strawberry kiwi - alongside its blue raspberry and strawberry banana flavors in zero sugar formats.

“Electrolit has established itself as a go-to choice for rapid and convenient hydration,” said Jake Sloan, Sr. Marketing Director of Electrolit US.

“We are excited to take that one step further by advancing into new territories with the reachable powders format, delving into a burgeoning market segment projected to sustain an annualized growth rate of 10.5% between 2021 and 2028, according to Allied Market Research.

"At the same time, we continue to bolster our zero lineup to meet the needs of wellness-focused individuals.”

The new additions, joining Berry Blast, Lemon Breeze and Fruit Punch Splash Zero options, will be available at 7-11 from November 5th, 2023, rolling out across the US starting January 1st, 2024.

Electrolit manufactures a scientifically formulated premium hydration beverage that replenishes the body after physical activity, intense heat, or a night of partying. Founded in Mexico in 1950, Electrolit targets both athletes & partygoers alike as a recovery drink.

Formulated with magnesium, potassium, calcium, sodium glucose, and sodium lactate plus six ions for electrolyte absorption, Electrolit aids in the recovery of the hydro electrolytic imbalance, fulfilling metabolic and hydration needs.

The brand is manufactured and owned by Pisa Pharmaceuticals, the largest pharmaceutical company in Mexico and Latin America.

Distillerie de Grandmont


Drinks distributor Speciality Brands has signed an agreement with French spirits producer, Distillerie de Grandmont, to exclusively distribute the brand’s expressions in the UK from this month.

Distillerie de Grandmont was founded in 2018 in the Haute Vienne by Karim Karroum: whose mission is to rediscover liqueurs of the past using old-fashioned methods of production, unearthing forgotten French spirit-making traditions. 

Speciality Brands is introducing three spirits to trade and consumers in the UK: Distillery de Grandmont Amer Gentian, Liqueur de Grandmont and Triple Sec Curacao Blanc.

“Amer Gentian (32% ABV, 70 cl, RRP: £31) starts with a base of organic grain alcohol, before fresh and dried gentian root grown in the unique terroirs of the Massif Central for over 25 years are added. Wild, natural herbs and fruits are used in the recipe to accentuate the bitter florality of the gentian. This creates an incredibly complex and refined liqueur which can be enjoyed as an aperitif, digestif or served long with tonic water and a slice of grapefruit or in classic cocktails,” explains the distributor.

“Liqueur de Grandmont Le Chemin des Moines (Monks’ path) is a herbal liqueur (55% ABV, 70 cl, RRP: £47) offering a silky smooth texture with notes of angelica, wildflowers, fresh grass, zesty verbena and honey, along with a subtle hint of turmeric, culminating in a subtle smoky camphor finish with hints of blackcurrant leaf. This complex liqueur is meticulously crafted using organic grain alcohol and a blend of wild herbs and spices. It works well as a digestif, revealing its medicinal and digestive qualities, but also lends itself to classic cocktails such as The Last Word or Bijou.

“Triple Sec Curacao Blanc (40% ABV, 70 cl, RRP: £35) showcases bright and elegant citrus notes, primarily orange and tangerine, gracefully balanced with juniper and a subtle bitterness. The process begins with organic grain alcohol as a base, enhanced by a secret blend of citrus fruits, peels, natural plants, spices, and herbs. Versatile and timeless, this triple sec elevates classic cocktails like Margaritas and Sidecars or can be enjoyed simply over ice with a splash of soda.”

Rebbl Wellness

rebbl wellness

Organic, plant-powered functional beverage brand REBBL has launched WELLNESS: its debut line of juice-based functional beverages and the first made with Aquamin calcified sea algae.

The drink comes in two varieties - Tropical Greens and Berry Roots – which are available at Whole Foods Market locations across the US (a RTD 12oz bottle retails at $4.99)

“Our WELLNESS line was born from the philosophy that ready-to-enjoy organic juices can do more than just be delicious,” said Andy Fathollahi, CEO of REBBL. “We’re proud to bring a truly functional and one-of-a-kind juice to the market that has proven full body health benefits without compromising on taste.” 

“REBBL WELLNESS packs a punch with 4,700mg of Aquamin calcified sea algae to deliver over 73 essential minerals in every bottle. Derived from red algae, Aquamin offers a range of research-backed benefits, from improving digestive health and gut microbiome to helping combat inflammation to support joint and bone health.” 

St Rémy: Limited edition artist collaboration 

st remy lucas

French brandy St Rémy has unveiled an exclusive collaboration with French artist Lucas Beaufort with the launch of a limited edition bottle: ‘which unites the worlds of fine spirits and urban artistry, and is sure to captivate collectors, art enthusiasts, and connoisseurs alike’.

“Lucas Beaufort brings his revered vibrant street art vision into the St-Rémy brand with a stunning limited-edition bottle design that showcases Beaufort's signature urban style, blending dynamic colors and captivating geometry that reflects his inspiration after tasting the St-Rémy XO with Master Blender, Cécile Roudaut,” explains St Remy.

"Diversity is the cornerstone of both Lucas and St-Rémy’s artistic expression. For St-Rémy, it is the diversity of the eaux-de-vie sourced from the different regions, grape varieties and vineyards of France. For Lucas Beaufort, it is his palette of colors, shapes, emotions, and memories that fuel his creativity. We share the belief that harmony is born from diversity."

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