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'Consumers are ready to give up long shelf life products for healthy and natural ingredients'

Guest article: analyst insights

Global market for natural food colors to reach $1.7bn by 2020

By Iti Singh and Indu Tyagi

The global market for natural food colors is predicted to reach $1.7bn by 2020, with 20% of this market attributed to beverage applications. Analysts Iti Singh and Indu Tyagi, from research firm MarketsandMarkets, look at the opportunities for beverage...

Erythritol is already approved for use in foods and drinks in more than 60 countries - but approval for beverages has taken some time in Europe because of concerns of a laxative effect

EFSA backs erythritol for use in soft drinks


The European Food Safety Authority (EFSA) has said erythritol is safe for use in soft drinks at a maximum level of 1.6%, bringing the zero-calorie sweetener a step closer to EU approval for beverages.

Food packaging offers convenience in single-serve format

Packaging design inspiration gallery: SINGLE SERVE

By Jenni Spinner

Snacks, drinks, condiments, and other food and beverage favorites are fueling consumer demand for convenience with single-serve packaging. Here are some notable examples of one-shot containers seen on retail shelves.

Ancient grain chia and prickly pear are growing in popularity among food and drink makers, says Mintel

Ancient ingredients are the next ‘superfoods’, says analyst

By Nicola Cottam

Global food and drink manufacturers should exploit the ‘superfood’ potential of ancient ingredients such as prickly pear cactus and chia seeds, known for their rich nutrient content and health-giving properties, says Mintel global food science analyst,...

All Natural Freshness launches HPP solutions

US firm launches high pressure processing solutions

By Rod Addy

Interest in high pressure processing (HPP) is growing, with US company All Natural Freshness (ANF) launching pre-packaging end-to-end HPP solutions, which it claims can significantly extend shelf life and cut waste.

Robotics enable leaner, more efficient processing, claims CenFRA

Robotics enable leaner, more efficient processing, claims CenFRA

By Jane Byrne

Philip Brunger, audit engineer at the Centre for Food Robotics and Automation (CENFRA) in Doncaster in the North of England, outlines some of the key benefits that can be accrued for the food and drink sector from investment in automation.


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