DreamPak's Cafe Enhanca: Uses patent-pending technology to avoid the need for refrigeration

COMPANY PROMISES Lattes, smoothies, hot chocolate enhancers will follow

DreamPak launches first ‘no refrigeration’ liquid creamer concentrate


DreamPak claims to have launched the first ‘no refrigeration needed’ concentrated liquid creamer in select H-E-B locations in Texas, and promises lattes, smoothies and even hot chocolate will follow.

Montgomery on why Suavva could be bigger than acai: “Most people who try acai or even coffee for the first time have to get accustomed to it. But unlike many of the other new beverages on the market, this is intrinsically very palatable.”

Big interview: Joseph Montgomery III, CEO of Agro Innova

Suavva taps ‘unexploited’ part of the cacao fruit: the pulp

By Maggie Hennessy

A long beloved refreshment for cacao plantation workers—albeit previously underused part of the cacao fruit—the nutritional powerhouse cacao pulp is making its way to US supermarket shelves in smoothie form.

When it comes to NPD, is consumer 'liking' an overrated idea?

When it comes to NPD, is consumer 'liking' an overrated idea?

By Nathan Gray

Testing the consumer liking of a new product may be an overrated idea that ‘breeds mediocrity’ and means products fail to differentiate themselves against the competition, according to David Howlett of MMR Research.

Bornholms cited improved logistics and a two-year ambient shelf life as some of the benefits of the packaging

RPC targets processors eyeing packaging transition

By Rod Addy

RPC is capturing increasing numbers of food manufacturers that are switching to plastic packaging from other materials - and not just for lightweighting - the company claimed at its press conference last week.

Cadbury invests £4.5m in chocolate drinks

Cadbury invests £4.5m in chocolate drinks

By Ben Bouckley

Cadbury has spent £4.5m installing new equipment to manufacture chocolate drinks in-house at its Chirk factory near Wrexham, while the company says its Somerdale site will be sold within months.

Cocoa demand on the up

Cocoa demand on the up

By Charlotte Eyre

Demand for cocoa is on the up, registering compound growth of 2.7
per cent over the next three years, and most of it will come
from Africa, according to a new report.


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