What's hitting the shelves? New beverage launches

By Rachel Arthur

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New beverage launches: from whiskey to juice shots

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From energy drinks to iced tea, we take a look at some of the latest beverages launching around the globe.

Bacardi Caribbean Spiced

bacardi carribean spiced

Bacardi rum has debuted a new Caribbean spiced version, ‘perfect for tropical cocktails’.

The spirit is ‘a smooth, aged rum blended with spices, pineapple, coconut water and the unique sweetness of coconut blossom’.

“Globally, rum is one of the fastest-growing spirit categories, with much of the growth driven by flavored and spiced rum categories,” says the company. “Bacardi Rum continues to innovate and challenge expectations by creating a premium spiced offering full of Caribbean flavour, ideal for creating tropical cocktails.

“Designed for all occasions, rum-lovers can elevate their drinking experience, whether it be trading up a rum and cola with the Bacardi Caribbean Cola for a simple, delicious drink, or reinventing classic tropical cocktails with a Bacardi Caribbean Colada, made with pineapple juice, coconut cream and cinnamon syrup for a little more complexity.

"Just mix and sip to taste the exceptional craftmanship and tantalising tropical flavours. Or for purists, Bacardi Caribbean Spiced works wonderfully on the rocks or neat.”

Bacardi Caribbean Spiced (700ML) is bottled at 40% ABV.

Bloody Mary 

Zing Zang Blazing Bloody Mary RTD

Zing Zang has launched the company’s first new Bloody Mary mix line extension in its 25 year history: Zing Zang Blazing Bloody Mary Mix.

Zing Zang has also launched a new Zing Zang Blazing Bloody Mary Ready-to-Drink (RTD) canned cocktail to join the classic Zing Zang Bloody Mary RTD.

“Our research shows that up to 70% of Bloody Mary consumers add hot sauce to their Bloody Marys, which isn’t surprising, as spicy food and beverage continues to explode in popularity across the country,” says E.G. Fishburne, VP Marketing at Chicago-based Zing Zang.

“Those insights led us to create Zing Zang Blazing, a delicious, hotter and spicier version of our mix and RTD that combines the same bold taste of the classic award-winning Zing Zang Bloody Mary Mix with extra heat. With Zing Zang Blazing, people who like it hot no longer need to add additional hot sauce to get the heat they want in their Bloody Mary.”

Zing Zang Bloody Mary mixes are made from a proprietary blend of seven real vegetable juices and a complex array of bold spices and seasonings. Both Zing Zang Bloody Mary RTDs – classic and Blazing – are made with the respective Zing Zang Bloody Mary mixes and premium six-times distilled vodka for a perfectly crafted bartender-quality ready-to-drink cocktail.

Each 12-ounce slim RTD can contains 9% alcohol by volume and offers the equivalent of two cocktails in every can. 

In addition to Bloody Mary mixes and ready-to-drink cocktails, Zing Zang also offers a range of different mixers for margaritas, piña coladas, daiquiris, and sours. The line of Zing Zang RTD canned cocktails also come in classic Margarita, Mango Margarita, and Bourbon Whiskey Sour varieties too.

Ginger Ninja and Tur-Mericle


UK premium health drinks brand EXALT announces the launch of a brand-new product range – raw and fresh juice shots. It has created two performance juice shots: Ginger Ninja and Tur-Mericle. Each shot is created with a high concentration of active ingredients to improve performance and recovery by reducing inflammation. 

The shots have been created in collaboration with Emma Tester, Head of Nutrition at Tottenham Hotspur following the brand's recent appointment as the Club's Official Sports Nutrition Drinks Supplier. 

Ginger Ninja contains 18g of organic ginger and contains powerful anti-inflammatory compounds called gingerols that reduce the formation of free radicals.

Tur-Mericle has 730mg of curcumin: the active compound of turmeric reduces muscle damage by decreasing the chance of inflammation occurring in muscles. The shot also contains black pepper and flaxseed to enhance absorption.

Matcha Green Tea Energy Drinks


PerfectTed Matcha Green Tea Energy Drinks have launched in the UK via supermarket giant Tesco: with the varieties of Pear Ginger, Apple Raspberry and Pineapple Yuzu.

Co-founder Marisa Poster said: “PerfectTed is disrupting the high-growth energy drink market with an approachable brand and products that outperform on health, functionality and flavor.”

The drinks are available in single cans (RRP from £1.75) and in four-can multipacks (RRP £6). The single cans can be used in Tesco’s meal deal.

Mango and yuzu iced tea


UK artisan tea brand Kaytea has launched a mango and yuzu flavored iced tea.

According to the brand, there’s growing clamour for iced teas made with real tea leaves and not mass-produced commercial powders.

Founder Kevin Tang said: “There’s a cry for undiluted transparency which is why we proudly talk about our drink making no spurious health claims.

"Of course, we could have sprinkled a handful of manmade vitamins within our drinks to claim some arbitrary functional prowess, but in truth we’d rather be known for nailing refreshment”.

Arnold Palmer Spiked Raspberry Half & Half

Arnold Palmer Spiked is expanding its portfolio of spiked half & half offerings with the release of Arnold Palmer Spiked Raspberry Half & Half.

The drink is ‘the classic taste of iced tea and lemonade flavor you know and love, now with a splash of natural raspberry and 5% ABV’.

arnold palmer

“The hard tea market is booming, and consumers are looking for fresh innovations from the brands they already know and love,” said Joy Ghosh, vice president of Above Premium Flavor at Molson Coors Beverage Company.

“There are a lot of options out there, but we believe that drinkers should never settle for the conventional choice, and only sip the beverage made with real brewed tea and real squeezed juice."

Arriving in the US just in time for spring, Arnold Palmer Spiked Raspberry Half & Half joins other Arnold Palmer Spiked brands including traditional Arnold Palmer Spiked Half & Half and Arnold Palmer Spiked Lite Half & Half.

Fans of the brand can purchase Arnold Palmer Spiked Raspberry in 24 markets: namely IL, OH, WI, MI, IN, MN, KY, IA, ND, PA, NY, VA, NJ, MD, MA, WV, CT, NH, DE, ME, RI, VT, DC and MT. 

Zevia launches new flavors and brand refresh


Zevia, a zero sugar, naturally sweetened beverage company, has unveiled a fresh look and feel for its portfolio: as well as announcing four new flavors - Vanilla Cola Soda, Watermelon Energy, Peach Passionfruit Energy and Tropical Pineapple Tea.

The rebrand provides a cohesive look across the complete beverage line to ‘further convey feel-good flavor and the brand’s powerful mission to create a world of better-for-you flavor that’s better for people and the planet’. The new leafy logo has its roots in Zevia’s entirely plant-based ingredients, and new pack designs feature a contemporary colorway and clean, modern design to signal Zevia’s premium but accessible positioning.

“We are taking Zevia beyond niche and natural to the mainstream in our distribution and now in our brand design, as we continue to carry out our mission of addressing global health centered on reducing sugar consumption with affordable, delicious beverages,” said Amy Taylor, CEO of Zevia.

“For the first time, we have updated the entire look and feel of our brand, which we believe will resonate with consumers. Our distinctive positioning of ‘feel-good flavor’ comes to life in our new design, which acts as a beacon on shelf and brings more consumers on the journey to better health, without any trade-offs.”

Zevia is also phasing out its 6-pack plastic rings and replacing them with recyclable cardboard packaging.

All Zevia products are solely sweetened with stevia and do not contain erythritol or any added sweeteners. 

A New Whiskey for The Three Drinkers

silkie irish whiskey

The Three Drinkers – two wine experts, broadcasters and influencers who are joined in their Amazon Prime show with a revolving roster of ‘third drinker’ personalities - have collaborated with Sliabh Liag Distillers to produce an Irish whiskey.

The Three Drinkers Limited Edition Red Silkie Irish Whiskey hails from County Donegal on Ireland's wild Atlantic coast, and is finished in red Pomerol wine barrels sourced from Clos L’Eglise in Bordeaux.

The duo wanted to create a spirit that ‘showcases the historic, subtly smoky style of Irish whiskey while maintaining some classic fruitiness and adding their own fingerprint as lovers of fine wine’.

“This whiskey is gorgeously rich and velvety,” said Helena Nicklin, who is joined by Aidy Smith in their show. “James and Moira [of Sliabh Liag] have captured that wonderful balance of dried fruit spice and moreish salinity topped off with deliciously complex, ripe, red fruit flavours coming from the wine casks. It’s so approachable and easy-drinking, yet with such elegant complexity, you could sit with it for hours.”

It is the duo's second product, having launched a 17 year Scotch whisky to celebrate their first show, The Three Drinkers do Scotch Whisky.

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