What's hitting the shelves? New beverage launches

By Rachel Arthur

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New beverage launches: from energy drinks to canned cocktails

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From energy drinks to decaf coffee, we take a look at some of the new products launching around the globe.

Energy drink for gamers

Matthew “Nadeshot” Haag, superstar gaming content creator and founder and CEO of the global gaming lifestyle brand 100 Thieves, has launched Juvee: a new rejuvenating energy drink formulated to ‘boost your energy, increase your focus and improve your overall well-being so you’re inspired to add more play to your every day.’

Short for “rejuvenation,” Juvee (pictured above) contains 0g sugar and 5 calories per can and is made from:

  • B Vitamins, taurine and 128 mg of caffeine (equal to a double shot of espresso) for long-lasting energy
  • L-Theanine for elevated mood
  • Panax ginseng (Maca Root) for sustained focus
  • Vitamin C for health and well-being

“We’ve created a new energy drink that was built completely on our terms and catered to our community’s lifestyle and interests, which are all centered around the joy of ‘play,’​” said Haag. “Launching Juvee is a lifelong dream of mine that I know will enhance the experience of not only our world-class gaming creators and competitors, but anyone who's passionate about having more energy to do the things they love.”

For its debut, Juvee is serving up three combos with nostalgic flavor profiles that recall the golden era of 90s beverages and match the optimism and fun of the Juvee brand – designed to offer a stark contrast to the harsh acidic flavors of traditional energy drinks. The flavors are kiwi strawberry, watermelon lime and tropical crush.

“Incubated by 100 Thieves since early 2021, Juvee has been formulated, developed, and tested by world-class esports athletes and superstar content creators for the past 18 months. Nadeshot and others have been drinking incognito cans of Juvee on stream for the past nine months, tweaking and testing flavors until they were just right. Only after passing the exceptionally high bar of Nadeshot and this group of gamers was Juvee deemed ready for its release.”

Increasing options for decaf drinkers

cafe pod

London-based independent coffee brand CafePod has launched a new decaf coffee blend, Decaf Supercharger Espresso.

Available as Nespresso compatible pods, the coffee ‘boasts notes of spiced and roasted chestnuts and is packed full of flavour set to satisfy even the harshest of decaf critics’.

Following its own consumer survey that revealed more decaf options were at the top of people’s wishlists, CafePod has embarked on a mission to supercharge efforts to offer more choice within decaf. Decaf Supercharger Espresso will provide a darker, bolder alternative to CafePod’s current Decaf Espresso to allow consumers more variety in their non-caffeinated selections. 

The coffee will come in 80% recycled aluminum pods which take 95% less energy to produce vs. primary aluminum and are still 100% recyclable, according to the brand.



New canned cocktail company, Cantails, debuts with three flavors in Australia.

Spicy Margarita, Appletini and Espresso Martini all ‘allow consumers to bring the high end cocktail bar into their home conveniently’.

“Inspired by traditional cocktails, Cantails provide Aussies with a premium beverage option, the quality of which you would expect from Australia’s top cocktail bars," ​says the brand.

"Cantails recipes are tailored to classic mixologist-created cocktails utilising only the finest spirits and ingredients."

The Australian-made and owned brand is available in Dan Murphy’s and BWS stores nationwide.

Plant-based instant lattes


San Diego brand Holsem has launched a new line of premium plant-based instant lattes.

The female-founded company, created in 2015, is committed to 'offering delicious new experiences in coffee and tea based product lines that are made with wholesome simple ingredients'.

Blueberry Maple, Chocolate Peanut Butter, Orange Vanilla Bean and Banana Bread are made using Holsem’s freshly roasted instant coffee. Matcha Mint is an instant tea latte flavor made with organic ceremonial grade matcha.

The instant latte line uses freeze dried real organic oranges, organic blueberries and bananas. In addition to the five classic flavors, Holsem will also offer a limited edition seasonal instant latte flavor.  

Holsem uses ethically sourced coffee, only wholesome and pure ingredients, no processed natural or artificial flavors, no preservatives, no refined sugars, nor any colors, binders or additives. All of the new instant lattes are made with whole ingredients and sweetened with 100% grade A pure maple syrup.

When creating the new lattes as instant and plant-based, the team focused on developing the best taste possible, and to replicate the coffee bar experience in the texture and mouthfeel, through ingredients like organic oat milk, raw cashews, organic 100% coconut MCT oil, etc. 

Coffee-infused tequila


Small batch coffee-infused premium tequila Bandero Café Tequila is launching in the UK.

Bandero Café is described as ‘smooth yet dry, with notes of fresh roasted coffee, chocolate and vanilla. Using the finest Blue Weber Agave, matured for seven years in the red clay soil of Jalisco's Los Altos Highlands in Mexico, the result produces a floral, sweet flavored and creamy textured tequila.’

Jonathan Kendrick, the founder, designer and creator of Bandero, said: "We see a great opportunity in the UK to offer consumers a better choice of premium tequilas and both Bandero Café and Blanco are exceptional in their own right. They are meant to be sipped and savored, allowing the intricate flavors created by being twice distilled to come through. I am excited to see these brands go from strength to strength."

Bandero's Café and Blanco tequilas are now available through Molson Coors and Deckers Trading, who share exclusive distribution rights for the products in the UK.

Fever-Tree Blood Orange Ginger Beer

fever tree

Fever-Tree has launched Fever-Tree Blood Orange Ginger Beer.

Created via a partnership with premium bourbon brand Maker’s Mark, the drink has been designed to pair with the characteristics unique to bourbon and offer a new take on a Kentucky Mule. In line with all Fever-Tree mixers, it is non-GMO certified, made with no artificial sweeteners or colors and contains 35 calories per 6.8 fl. oz. bottle.

Charles Gibb, CEO of Fever-Tree USA said: “Replicating the success we’ve had adding flavors to our Tonic range and reflecting our position as the #1 ginger beer brand in the US, we are delighted to innovate our ginger beer range to capitalize on the fastest growing and largest spirits categories – which is why we’ve created a liquid that pairs perfect with bourbon, vodka, and tequila.

“Fever-Tree’s strength combined with category trends have created the perfect momentum for our Blood Orange Ginger Beer launch. Fever-Tree is always on the forefront of innovation and works with the best in class/leaders in the industry partners, like Maker’s Mark, to ensure the best quality, flavor, and mixer to make the world’s best drinks.”

Limited edition energy drink

call of duty

Czech energy drink brand Big Shock! has launched a special edition can to mark the launch of combat game Call of Duty: Modern Warfare II.

Big Shock!, the #2 energy drink in the Czech Republic, aims to attract young (aged 18-35) gaming fans who are pumped for the new Call of Duty release and want to stay sharp while playing. Big Shock! has released a limited edition 500ml can (from Ardagh Metal Packaging) which blasts the iconic game’s potent military-style green and black styling all over the pack, including the end.  

Consumers are also invited to unlock enhanced game features by following a “covert” link printed crisply into the edge of the shell (The green end features a black promotional tab which, on opening, reveals a unique code for 2XP and potential prizes such as a PlayStation 5).

The limited edition can is available in the Czech Republic and Slovakia.

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