What's hitting the shelves? New beverage launches

By Rachel Arthur

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Big Drop Brewing is gearing up for Dry January
Big Drop Brewing is gearing up for Dry January

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From energy drinks to alcohol-free beer, we take a look at some of the new products launching around the globe.



NBA superstar James Harden has teamed up with Accolade Wines to release his first signature wine, J-HARDEN, in Ontario.

The equity partnership is centered around a mission to make quality wine accessible to all consumers.

J-HARDEN Cabernet Sauvignon is available for purchase in Ontario through the LCBO e-commerce platform and retails for $22.95 CAD ($16.90 USD). J-HARDEN will also be available for purchase across select Canadian provinces, including Saskatchewan and Manitoba.

“My entrance into the wine game is much bigger than just having my own label,”​ said Harden. “I have always seen the wine industry as a closed-door environment. Through my partnership with Accolade and the release of J-HARDEN, my goal is to make a high-quality product that can be enjoyed by Canadians at a reasonable price. If you’re new to wine or an experienced enthusiast, I believe you’ll love this wine as much as I do.”

Combining his love for fashion, art, style, and wine, Harden worked closely with the Accolade Wines team to offer his input on the taste, look, and feel to match his personality. Harden added that his wine will be “smooth,full-bodied, and jammy.”

Harden and his team will also have a role in the wine’s creative direction, design, and style. J-HARDEN’s label includes the likeness of Harden’s iconic beard with bright colors and a floral design inside a silhouette of Harden’s face. As a 10-time NBA All-Star and third-leading three-point scorer in NBA history, Harden plans to share his personal wine journey with fans and introduce J-HARDEN to retailers and shoppers worldwide.

Asahi Super Dry expands internationally

asahi super dry

Asahi Europe & International will launch alcohol-free beer, Asahi Super Dry 0.0% internationally in January.

Asahi Super Dry 0.0% offers consumers an alcohol-free version of the super-premium brand, Asahi Super Dry, which originally launched in 1987.

“Consumers can expect the exact same signature crisp, refreshing, super dry taste that has led Asahi Super Dry to be the number one selling beer in Japan,” ​says the company.

“The market for non-alcohol and low-alcohol beverages continues to expand globally and the way consumers are drinking also continues to diversify. By popularizing these products, Asahi Group aims to propose appropriate alcohol consumption and new situations in which to enjoy alcohol and provide new choices for people who choose not to drink alcohol.” 

Asahi Super Dry 0.0% will be available across 8 markets worldwide in 2023, beginning with the launch in the UK and Ireland from January.

Spring water cans in Turkey


Kristal Kola is set to launch spring water in cans in Turkey, championing the format as a more sustainable option.

The company, which has been producing beverage products for many years, believes the cans will be a 'pioneering success' in the Turkish market.

The finish of the cans ‘capitalizes on the beauty of raw aluminum’, with text called out in a rich dark blue, and features a matte finish to add a premium feel to the package. In addition to sustainability statistics, the package includes messages about metal’s infinite reusability by utilizing the ‘Metal Recycles Forever’ logo from Metal Packaging Europe.

Kristal canned water will be available to buy in retail outlets across the country.

doozy launches new flavors


Australian brand doozy has launched three new products in time for summer.

It is adding Watermelon to its Seltzer line-up and expanding its core range of products with the release of two new Vodka Soda RTDs: Twisted Lemon and Wild Raspberry. Both the vodka sodas' have more flavor, which comes with more alcohol at 6.0% and 1.6 standard drinks.

The entire range is sugar-free and uses natural flavors to ‘create a zesty and refreshing taste, making them the perfect session-able beverage that can take you from afternoon to evening’.

Doozy was founded in 2021 by Sydney Swans players Will Hayward and Ollie Florent, along with Harry Hayward and brand agency Richards Rose before launching in early 2022.

Doozy is currently available in over 40 venues and bottle shops across Sydney and nationally via Boozebud. From January, the range will be turning up across the massive ALM network of venues and bottle shops across NSW and Australia, making it much easier to try and enjoy. Doozy Seltzer 4 pack of 330ml RRP $22 and doozy vodka soda RTDs 4 pack of 330ml RRP $24.

New alcohol-free beer

big drop brewing

Alcohol-free brewer Big Drop has launched a new beer in time for the New Year and Dry January. 

The new 0.5% ABV craft lager, Reef Point, is a malt-forward offering that brings a soft, honey aroma - balanced with a gentle bitterness and a delicate uplifting waft of citrus. This is down to the hops used - Hallertau Hersbrucker - being one of the traditional ‘noble’ hop types that are high in aroma and low in bitterness.

Not only is Reef Point gluten-free but it’s also vegan-friendly and - at only 33 calories (per 330ml can) - this beer is the ‘perfect alternative for any craft beer lover who is looking to moderate their alcohol consumption or watch their waistline after Christmas and into the New Year’.

In 2022, 1 in every 8 drinkers committed to completing the entire month of Dry January sober, according to YouGov, and Big Drop estimates this figure is likely to be higher in 2023. Meanwhile, Vegans already make up 6% of the adult population in Britain, with polls suggesting a similar percentage also take part in Veganuary for all or part of the month.

Big Drop’s Head of Production, Johnny Clayton, commented: “Big Drop is on a mission to make any style of beer taste so good that you simply won’t miss the alcohol and Reef Point is a classic example. With this beer, we really wanted to expand our craft range, and in particular our vegan range, without compromising on flavour. I’m confident that we have just done just that by creating a beer that is well-balanced, full-bodied, aromatic and leaves you wanting more​It’s a beer for everyone to enjoy on any occasion and one that your waistline will thank you for whilst your taste buds are none the wiser.”

Reef Point is available from £24 (12 x 330ml cans) from the first week of January.

Kick of Fruit


UK fresh and preserved fruit focused Fresh Del Monte has announced the introduction of a range of energy drinks containing at least 20% real fruit juice and no added sugar.

The line is the result of a collaboration with Scotland-based beverage maker the Old Tom Gin’s Company (OTG) and has been coined Del Monte’s ‘A Kick of Fruit’ range. Flavors include pineapple, mango, passionfruit and lime, blood orange spirits, pineapple, lime and mint, pineapple, grapefruit and lime, lemon ginger and pomegranate raspberry.

The energy drinks contain added caffeine and four B group vitamins. Each can contains 12-15kcals and will retail at £1.99 in selected clubs, hotels and bars across the UK.

Five Trail's international expansion

five trail

Coors Whiskey Co. is bringing American whiskey Five Trail to Canada and Panama

Marking its first expansion into international markets, the whiskey launches in Panama and Canada (at Ontario LCBO stories and select on-premise accounts) this month.

Distilled with the same Coors barley that makes Coors Light, Five Trail will be sold as a super-premium brand, retailing for CA$79.95. It will sell as an ultra-premium whiskey in Panama.

Exports of American whiskey increased 22% in the first seven months of 2021 versus the prior year, according to Distilled Spirits Council (DISCUS).

“There is a huge level of interest for American whiskey in international markets right now,” ​said David Coors, vice president of next generation beverages for Molson Coors.

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