What's hitting the shelves? New beverage launches: May

By Rachel Arthur

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New beverage launches: May 2022

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From non-alcoholic beer to prebiotic drinks, we take a look at some of the new beverages launching around the globe this month.

Moju Tropical Prebiotic

moju main

Moju, a plant-powered functional drinks brand, has launched a new drink called Tropical Prebiotic.

“Bursting with delicious summer flavors, each shot contains fruity mango, zesty lime and zingy baobab, mixed with MOJU’s signature blend of powerful prebiotics and plant fiber,”​ says the brand.

“Available to customers in both 500ml and 420ml Dosing Bottles, the new prebiotic has been designed to be shot daily, and expertly created to support immune and digestive health by encouraging a healthier, more diverse gut microbiome.” 

The drink is available in the UK from Waitrose, Planet Organic and Wholefoods: priced at £27.80 for 4x 500ml bottles.

Malibu RTDs


Rum brand Malibu is extending its ready-to-drink line with two new flavors - Pineapple Bay Breeze Cocktail in a Can and Watermelon Mojito Cocktail in a Can – in time for the US summer.

“Having launched Piña Colada and Strawberry Daiquiri back in the fall, Malibu is tapping into seasonal flavors and offering fans even more convenient ways to enjoy their favorite summer spirit, without the fuss,” ​says brand owner Pernod Ricard. “Perfect for beach days, laying by the pool, or rooftop hangs, the new Pineapple Bay Breeze and Watermelon Mojito will be available nationwide in 12oz cans and have an ABV of 7%.”

In addition to the new ready-to-drink offerings, the brand is also launching a new campaign titled “Welcome to Malibu,” which ‘reimagines Malibu as more than just a rum, but as a place where you step into a hyperreal world where everyone is unplugged and can unabashedly embrace the things they love.’

Benefit Drops

robinsons drops

UK squash brand Robinsons is launching a new Benefit Drops range: each with a different functional benefit.

The concentrated squash range comes in 66ml formats which can be displayed on clip strips in the fridges at the front of stores to encourage impulse buys and keep the brand at the front of shoppers’ minds.

The new Benefit Drops range consists of:

  • Vitality: Peach, Mango & Passion Fruit with added vitamin B3
  • Immunity: Orange & Guava flavour with added vitamin C
  • Boost: Raspberry, Strawberry & Acai with added B6
  • Focus: Lemon, Lime & Ginseng with added B3 and Zinc

Ben Parker, at home commercial director at Britvic, said: “When people are on-the-go all day, we know it can be difficult to stay on top of keeping hydrated. Benefit drops are the ideal portable format for shoppers on the move, adding great taste and additional vitamins to their water. In fact, 32% of consumers have said they would be interested in buying cordials and squashes with added vitamins or minerals.

“Our existing range of Minis is currently the biggest Pocket Squash brand within the category, generating £6million in RSV, and selling over 3.2 million units in the last year alone. The success of the Minis range reflects consumer demand for convenient formats of squash, as on-the-go occasions continue to make a comeback.”

Non-alcoholic rosé 


Kin Euphorics, the Austin-based non-alcoholic beverage brand launched in 2018, is launching a new rosé alternative called Bloom.

The drink is “inspired by your favorite all-day rosé only dreamier and tastier and is 0.0% ABV… a glittering fusion of summer strawberry, barrel oak, and rosemary citrus,”​ according to the brand.

“Like a warm embrace with your toes in the sand, Kin Bloom brings balance to the current Kin Euphorics lineup that is sipped to awaken your mind (daytime: Spritz + Kin High Rhode) or is a portal to peace (nighttime: Lightwave + Dream Light).”

Non-alc beer to support humanitarian aid for Ukraine

UK non-alcoholic brewer Nirvana Brewery has launched a limited-edition beer to support humanitarian aid in Ukraine.

lemon gose

Limited Edition Lemon Gose 0.5% is an easy drinking tart wheat beer modeled after the traditional sour beers of Northern Germany.  A refreshing and rejuvenating Gose, this beer is steeped with toasted Coriander seeds, dried lemon peels and a handful of dried persian limes for a subtle complexity.  Maldon Sea Salt flakes have also been added to balance the tart lemon and lime flavours.

“With the summer sun just around the corner we thought a bright and sunny beer was in order for our latest seasonal brew,”​ said the brewery. “However we know life has been far from sunny for those affected by the war in Ukraine. 

“Like many others we want to do what we can to support those affected by the conflict, so 10% of all proceeds from our Limited Edition Lemon Gose 0.05% beer will go straight to supporting humanitarian aid.

“The beer bottle design bears the blue and yellow colors of the Ukrainian flag.  Graphic lemons and salt flake drops give a nod to two of the beer's distinctive ingredients.”

Golden Wing Barley Milk

golden wing

Molson Coors is introducing Golden Wing Barley Milk: a non-alcohol plant-based milk that will be sold in the dairy aisle.

Made with five ingredients – including non-GMO barley stock that comes from the fields of Coors’ barley farmers – Golden Wing is launching in Sprouts and Whole Foods in California as well as online.

Pouring a khaki color, Golden Wing has a ‘malty sweetness reminiscent of milk leftover in a bowl of cereal. With a simple ingredient bill of water, barley, sunflower oil, pink Himalayan salt and shiitake mushroom extract, the milk tastes natural without being overly sweet or astringent.’

Golden Wing contains 130 calories and, compared to 2% milk, it has 60% less sugar, 50% more calcium and twice as much Vitamin D.

“The plant-based milk category is growing rapidly, and it’s largely fueled by innovation,” ​says Brian Schmidt, Molson Coors’ marketing manager for non-alcohol products. “Whether it’s almond, oat or barley, innovation is providing alternatives for consumers seeking the benefits of plant-based milk.” 

“We know beer, and because of that we know barley. With our background and expertise, we believe this will be the next major evolution in the plant-based milk category.”

High polyphenol tea


Dilmah Tea, the growers, harvesters and brewers of ethical 100% pure Ceylon tea, has launched Singapore’s highest anti-oxidant bottled ice teas, with polyphenols content measuring up to 120 mg per 100 ml.

Launched in partnership with Beverage Partners International (BPI) and Teabrary International, the range is available in six artisanal flavours made with either a green or black tea base.

Polyphenols are anti-oxidants encompassing the chemical compounds catechins, theaflavins and thearubigins that work to control the damaging effects of free radicals in the body. Tea is particularly rich in polyphenols, but Dilmah has found a way to up its polyphenol content to maximum levels.

It has recorded 85.03mg of polyphenol per 100ml for its black tea and 125.13mg of polyphenol per 100ml of its green tea, compared to other green tea brands in the market which ranges from 48.01mg/100ml to 102.36mg/100ml.

The green tea range comes in flavors such as Lady Lavender, Rose & French Vanilla, and Arabian Jasmine. Black tea comes in Lemon & Lime, White Peach and Royal English.

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