Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha expands 5.6% ABV beverage line

By Mary Ellen Shoup

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Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha's 5.6% ABV line will releasing new flavors in fall 2017, the company said.
Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha's 5.6% ABV line will releasing new flavors in fall 2017, the company said.

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Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha’s 5.6% ABV line is expanding its distribution and flavor offerings aiming to take the alcoholic fermented beverage nationwide in the US by mid-2018, the company said. 

Manufactured by Good Omen Bottling, Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha was founded in 2015 with the launch of its non-alcoholic Jun Kombucha currently available in over 1,000 retailers in 41 states. 

TTB regulations state that in order to qualify as non-alcoholic kombucha, the beverage must contain less than 0.5% ABV. If the kombucha reaches 0.5% ABV or more it must be produced on TTB-qualified premises and is subject to TTB regulations. 

The alcoholic version of the company’s original kombucha line was launched in April 2017. "Loaded with prebiotics, probiotics, amino acids and enzymes, this naturally fermented, gluten-free beverage is low in carbohydrates, caffeine, and sugar,"​ the company said.

“What we found is an open opportunity to further ferment the tea while keeping the flavor profile of our traditional non-alcoholic kombucha and then offering something to the adult crowd,”​ marketing and sales manager, Jason Jepson, told BeverageDaily.

“In some ways we’re creating a new category.”

Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha’s alcoholic beverage line is currently available for purchase in Arizona, Florida, Nevada, and Washington, and is currently launching in Colorado market.

The alcoholic fermented beverage will be sold in stores and bars where it will be storedon draught, he added.

Flavor profile

The jun kombucha is fermented from honey rather than cane sugar resulting in a smooth, refreshing flavor profile, Jepson said.

“Because it’s honey fermented, it’s extremely light, it’s not acidic, it doesn’t have that vinegar taste, and it’s not highly carbonated,”​ he said.

That lends itself to more adoption by consumers that are not as familiar with the taste of kombucha, Jepson added.

“Just like you would have more adoption on a light cider than you would a cider beer just based on flavor profile.”

Wild Tonic Jun Kombucha’s 5.6% ABV line was first available in blueberry basil and tropical turmeric flavors. The company recently added raspberry goji rose, Mango Ginger, “Hoppy Buzz” ​which uses fruit-forward hops.

The company said it will release its next series of 5.6% ABV kombucha this fall.

‘This is an alcoholic drink’

Despite the kombucha description on its label, Jepson stressed that the company is not aiming to promote its alcoholic beverage as “healthy”​ and is regulated by the US federal government in the same way beer is, according to the company.

“I can say it carries all the same probiotics that our non-alcohol does, but to be very clear, it’s an alcoholic drink,”​ he said.

“Like any alcohol drink, don’t over consume, enjoy in moderation, and do not drink expecting to get healthy.”

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