'Bananas are 'nature's energy drinks'': Chuck Norris attacks category


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Picture Copyright: 24oranges.nl
Picture Copyright: 24oranges.nl

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US martial artist and actor Chuck Norris says he calls bananas 'nature's natural energy' drinks, in the course of an attack on the drinks category written for the website WND.com.

Norris maintains in his article - you can read it here​ - that a single energy drink injects up to 14 times the caffeine that is found in a normal can of soda.

He claims that many adolescents are falling prey to the 'energy' misnomer trap and becoming unintentional caffeine addicts.

"The problem is that GRAS levels clearly are being superseded when mega amounts of caffeine are being ingested all day from a host of [food and drink] products, especially by adolescents, whose bodies still are developing," ​Norris writes.

Ultimately, one won't get much more energy from "so-called energy drinks"​ that one could from a strong cup of coffee or two, Norris said, "because the body can only assimilate so much before it secretes it or overdoses on it".

Stressing his preference for "natural over synthetic", ​Norris said he called bananas "nature's energy drinks' because they are loaded with nutrients and energy-boosting ingredients".

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