Canned mouse would have turned to jelly: PepsiCo

By Ben Bouckley

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Err...canned mouse anyone?
Err...canned mouse anyone?

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PepsiCo is fighting claims by a consumer that he found a dead mouse in a Mountain Dew can, with a scientist testifying that there is no way the creature could have passed the bottling process intact.

According to the New York Daily News, PepsiCo’s witness added that the mouse would have dissolved into a jelly-like substance instead.

Wisconsin man Ronald Ball claimed he found the mouse in the vivid green soda after taking a sip of the drink bought from a vending machine in 2009, and is seeking damages of $50,000.

According to the Madison Record, Ball claimed he sent the mouse to Pepsi, but that the company then destroyed the evidence. The firm denies Ball’s claims, and is moving to have the case dismissed.

'Unleash the beast'

In April last year, 19-year-old Iowa man Vitaliy Sulzhik claimed to have found a dead mouse in a can of Monster Energy Drink (which was somewhat ironic, given the firm's slogan (above), and his lawyer sent the product to MDE Forensic Engineering Consulting and Laboratories.

The Seattle lab cut open the can and took photos (one is pictured), and conducted forensic tests on Sulzhik’s behalf; he later filed a product liability suit against PepsiCo.

You can hear Sulzhik and his lawyer discuss the incident in this video

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Posted by dennis hoare,

Reminds me when I was at school, a long time ago, a boy brought in a dead mouse, buried it under his food and then shouted: "There is a mouse in my food, sir." Nobody believed him!

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Posted by Chaseme,

Ironic that Sulzhik was drinking a Mountain Dew in the linked video.

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