Steel coffee packaging from JJ Darboven

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German group JJ Darboven has designed a new steel coffee can for
its Warca brand. The product is the result of a joint partnership
between JJ Darboven, French canmaker Corepe and French designer
Design Développement. The can has a distinctive curved shape, which
according to JJ Darboven, allows for easy handling.

The steel used to pack the product, together with the hermetic closure, preserves the quality of the coffee. The closure is made of polypropylene and has a 'double open easy' system that allows for a partial opening of the can to pour out the measure.

In order to be able to reuse the can afterwards, the cover can be removed so that the can is completely open. The lid of the can allows the user to measure the quantity of coffee according to his taste.

French canmaker Corepe was responsible for the concept and production of both the can body and the innovative 'double open easy' cap. The can was produced by a process of mechanical expansion on a traditional, welded can, with embossing on the image of the coffee cup and the steam which appears on the front.

"It's innovative because it's the first shaped steel can to be used in the coffee market segment,"​ said Corepe commercial director Bernard Delvallet. "Traditionally this segment is dominated by classic cans. It's also the first shaped can in the segment to offer this original opening system."

The concept was born out of the brand owner's desire to differentiate its product on the shelf with an innovative, new packaging, to valorise his product thanks to a 'premium' positioning, whilst at the same time responding better to consumer needs. "The coffee segment is dominated by rather classic packaging,"​ said JJ Darboven director Jean-François Soul. «We wanted to distinguish ourselves on the market by creating something innovative in metal, something different from the traditional, cylindrical can.

"We tried to bring innovation in terms of design, but also at consumer level by offering a cap to measure out the product, together with a partial and total opening. This enables the consumer to use the packaging again once the product is finished, for biscuits or for storing non-food products for example."

The can is a result of one and a half years of development. Design Développement worked on a series of first proposals which were submitted to the canmaker to test their feasibility. From these designs, a pre-selection was made and tested in an independent study by the research agency 'Scanergie Paris', to determine the expectations of consumers with regards metal packaging and above all to see their reaction to the future product.

The research showed that the metal can was appreciated for the preservation of the coffee contained inside, the fact that it is easy to store and its user-friendliness. The research also showed that the panel appreciated being able to reuse the can afterwards.

"We wanted the coffee can to become an object of decoration, a packaging which is reused rather than thrown away as is often the case,"​ said Marc Gallais, Design Développement account manager. "On the basis of this research, and in close collaboration with Corepe, we fine-tuned the design of the can to better correspond to consumer demand."

"This development is the result of close collaboration between the three partners concerned, the client, the canmaker and the design agency, each dedicated to achieving a quality result corresponding to consumer demand. This joint approach has been coherent and effective and we are very proud of its results."

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