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AIPIA launches first US World Congress. Picture: iStock.

AIPIA to launch first US World Congress

By Jenny Eagle

AIPIA (Active & Intelligent Packaging Industry Association) will bring a US-centric selection of intelligent packaging to its American audience, launching its first World Congress in New Jersey next year.

Coca-Cola Refreshments executives have formed a new bottler to operate territory that includes territories in the Northeastern US. ©iStock/bluebeat76

Coca-Cola nears completion of US refranchising plan

By Mary Ellen Shoup

Coca-Cola said it is on track to complete refranchising of its company-owned US territories by the end of 2017 after receiving agreements and letters of intent from a significant portion of the Northeast US.

New flavors, delivery platforms keep consumers engaged with tea

New flavors, delivery platforms keep consumers engaged with tea

By Elizabeth Crawford

Hoping to build on the momentum driving up sales of tea in the US, manufacturers are offering new flavors and delivery platforms that keep consumers engaged. At Expo East, companies showcased innovated tea bags, ready-to-drink options and even a tea consumers...

RD Lisa Young: “It was the first attempt to really start regulating Big Food in a sense—not the label, not posting calories, but it was really about what they can sell. I think it was an excellent effort on the part of the public health department.

Bloomberg’s big soda cap is dead

By Maggie Hennessy

New York’s highest court has refused to reinstate New York City’s controversial limit on the sale of large sugary beverages, effectively killing the city’s final appeal. 

Lisa Young: “What this measure is trying to do is shift the norms. It’s not about if you can go back and buy more. It’s not a ban. It’s about how much is considered a reasonable amount of food or to drink to consume at one time.

The RD's perspective: Lisa Young, NYU

With current soda sizes, we’re not really giving consumers a choice, RD says

By Maggie Hennessy

Ahead of the June 4 vote on whether New York City delis and restaurants should be allowed to serve large sugary beverages, FoodNavigator-USA caught up with Lisa Young, RD, PhD of New York University on the importance of more radical approaches to curbing...

CSPI's Jim O'Hara: “The bottom line is, controlling portion size is a commonsense approach to the public health crisis we’re facing. We know that portion size influences peoples’ consumption, and we know that portion sizes have risen dramatically over the years.

Bloomberg’s proposed soda cap gets new life

By Maggie Hennessy

Two amicus (friend of the court) legal briefs have been filed in support of New York City’s proposed cap on sugary drink portions, saying the rule is a sensible step toward stemming the tide of obesity, diabetes and other diet-related chronic illnesses. 

Breakout beverages in 2014! From frozen beer to juice with chia


Breakout beverages in 2014! From frozen beer to juice with chia


Grazia Magazine recently trailed food scouts from high-end retailer M&S to New York City who were searching for trends that could catch fire in the UK. Here are the magazine’s top 2014 drinks tips.

The good news is, we have many options. The important question is which approaches work best under what circumstances. It would be tragic if five years from now, we were still lacking evidence to choose the best mix of policies,” said Nicholas Freudenberg, faculty director at the NYC Food Policy Center at Hunter College.

A recent Museum of Food and Drink round table debated the merits and shortfalls of the large soda ban.

Delving into Bloomberg’s proposed cap on super-size soda

By Maggie Hennessy

Earlier this month, New York City’s Museum of Food and Drink hosted a panel discussion at New York City’s CUNY School of Public Health examining New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s proposed cap on super-size sodas, which was rejected by the state...

FDA issues Clostridium botulinum warning Juices Incorporated

Clostridium botulinum fears prompt FDA action

By Joseph James Whitworth

A fear that carrot and beet juice from a US company could be contaminated with Clostridium botulinum has prompted the US Food and Drug Administration (FDA) to warn consumers about the potential health risks.

Coke donates $1m to Hurricane Sandy relief drive

Coke donates $1m to Hurricane Sandy relief drive

By Ben Bouckley

The Coca-Cola Company has contributed one million dollars to assist in relief efforts associated with the effects of Hurricane Sandy on the Northeast of the United States.

Mayor Bloomberg: Bold action is needed as 58% of adults and nearly 40% of city public school students in New York City are obese or overweight

Soft drinks giants mull legal options as NYC soda ban gets green light

By Elaine WATSON

Beverage makers have blasted New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg’s “discriminatory ban” on sales of super-sized sodas, while supporters have dismissed the industry’s “professionally manufactured outrage” and urged other states to follow suit.

USDA rejects NYC food stamps soda ban

USDA rejects NYC food stamps soda ban

By Caroline Scott-Thomas

US Department of Agriculture (USDA) officials have rejected a proposal from New York City Mayor Michael Bloomberg that would have banned sugary drinks from the list of products that can be bought with food stamps.


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