'Goodlooking' health drink launched

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The first so-called skincare beverage is to launch in New York this
summer, to rehydrate skin in the warm weather. It contains oxygen,
purified water and a blend of zinc and vitamins E and C.

The first so-called skincare beverage is to launch in New York this summer, aimed at those trying to look good in warm weather.

SkinCola contains purified water, activated oxygen and Z-Bec, a combination of zinc and vitamins, said to boost the immune system and promote cell growth and repair. The oxygen content has been shown to repel free radicals and helps to prevent tissue breakdown, according to the business founders.

"Beautiful, clear skin begins from within,"​ said Adam Zizmor and Jason Hirsh, co-founders of SkinCola, trying to tap into the pressure to look good in New York's Manhattan. "Our approach is a natural alternative - helping people feel better and as a result look better with a beverage that is integral to an energizing and beautifying skin care system."​ The drink contains no calories, sugar or fat.

The company is also marketing the product as a hangover cure - toxins in the bloodstream are metabolized faster and the oxygen in SkinCola helps convert alcohol to water and carbon dioxide, claim the SkinCola founders. There are 20,000 parts per million of oxygen in the beverage.

Packaged in old-fashioned glass soda pop bottles, said to prevent the oxygen seepage that occurs in plastic containers, SkinCola has a suggested retail price of $1.00 per bottle. The Manhattan introduction of SkinCola will be supported by a billboard in Times Square and advertising in the New York City subway system.

SkinCola claims studies have found the drink allows oxygen, which adds a slight effervescence to the product, to pass from the stomach into the bloodstream where it is absorbed directly by the body, decreases the pulse-rate, increases oxygen pressure and reduces metabolic stress, enhances skin clarity and elasticity and generally improves physical performance.

The company is also developing a SkinCola skincare collection which includes SkinCola Soap, vegetable glycerine hand-milled for purity and SkinCola SkinShot, a pure oxygen mist which revitalizes the skin.

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