Ireland's DRS comes into effect this month. Pic: getty/vejaa

Ireland introduces Deposit Return Scheme

By Rachel Arthur

Ireland’s Deposit Return Scheme (DRS) – a nationwide money-back initiative for plastic bottles and aluminum cans – launches this month in a bid to improve recycling rates.

Aluminum cups for concessions launch in US sport stadiums

Aluminum cups for concessions launch in US sport stadiums

By Beth Newhart

International packaging company Ball Corporation is bringing its recyclable aluminum cups to the Pepsi Center in Denver this fall, as an alternative to single use paper and plastic used for beer and soft drinks.

DCM creates a 'drop-in' can coating as an alternative to epoxy-based coatings. Picture credit: Dow.

Dow: ‘Industry needs to convert away from epoxy and BPA’

Dow says Canvera can coating keeps beverages flavorful and fresh

By Jenny Eagle

Dow Coating Materials (DCM), part of Dow Chemical Company, has picked up a number of awards for its Canvera disruptive technology claiming the industry needs to move away from epoxy and Bisphenol-A (BPA).  

Novelis completes $400m expansion South Korea

Novelis takes advantage of Asia aluminium boom

By Jenny EAGLE

Novelis aluminum rolling and recycling has completed a two-year, $400m expansion program in South Korea and claims 34% of aluminum flat rolled products will come from Asia and the Middle East in the next five years.

Fraunhofer develops nano-thin coating to enhance shelf life


Fraunhofer develops nano-thin coating to enhance shelf life

By Rory Harrington

A breakthrough technology that coats polymer films with an ultra-thin clear barrier layer to enhance product shelf-life has been unveiled by the Fraunhofer Institute for Electron Beam and Plasma Technology.

An aluminium alternative

An aluminium alternative

ExxonMobil Chemical Films Europe has developed two new metallyte
films that provide an ultra-high-barrier alternative to aluminium.
According to the company, a major advantage of these films,
compared to metallised polyester or aluminium...


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