Since 1969, Bartek Ingredients has grown from its entrepreneurial roots with a dynamic spirit and disciplined focus in the manufacturing and global sales of malic and fumaric acid. Reliably meeting the needs of major brands around the world while accommodating the unique needs of each, we’ve built our business with dedicated professionals and tenacious dedication to our customers and the markets we serve.

Connected and Accessible

With a network of global distributors and a supply chain serving more than 40 countries, we pair high quality and service with high commitment to doing whatever it takes to service the global market as the world’s largest malic and fumaric acid producer. Bartek remains committed to delivering a superior quality product to ensure customer satisfaction, and we maintain registered standards for the quality management systems at our manufacturing facilities.


More than a supplier of raw materials, we work closely with our customers to deliver customized and innovative granulations, formats, and solutions to align with formulation needs, optimize operations, and achieve business goals.


Solution Oriented

Whether you’re developing new formulations for a changing marketplace, seeking to reduce ingredient costs and increase profitability, or improving the flavor profiles of your applications, we’d welcome the opportunity to discuss how our specialty ingredients can deliver a solution.

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