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Think. Focus. Citicoline. Learn how Cognizin® provides a science backed competitive edge.
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Think. Focus. Citicoline. Learn how Cognizin® provides a science backed competitive edge

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As we head into summer, nature lovers and outdoor sports enthusiasts alike strive to improve endurance and performance. 

Whether they need the ability to climb a mountain path and go a little bit further than last year, or they are in the most competitive triathlon of their life, they are looking products that offer a functional difference that extra something to support them in achieving their goal. 

What is citicoline, and what does it do? 

Citicoline is a naturally occurring nutrient found in the brain.  It increases an important substance called phosphatidylcholine that is critical for healthy brain function. 

Kyowa Hakko’s Cognizin®​ Citicoline, clinically studied to support mental energy, memory, focus, and attention provides a competitive edge as consumers are looking for science backed ingredients addressing multiple needs.  Cognizin®​ is a brain health nutrient that has demonstrated through multiple clinical trials that it provides essential mental wellness benefits to people of all ages.  This water-soluble nutrient facilitates membrane fluidity and plasticity, fortifies cell membrane structures and enhances neuron communication.

Scientific studies show how Citicoline supports cognitive function and motor performance​.

Numerous studies have shown citicoline to improve performance in many areas of mental focus and overall cognitive health  performance.  One study in particular, has shown Cognizin®​ Citicoline improves motor speed and attention in adolescent males.  The study started with adolescent males taking 250mg or 500mg of Cognizin®​ daily, and then exhibited improved attention and a significant increase in psychomotor speed compared to placebo.  Researchers noted significant improvements in key areas of performance.  You can read more here​.

Cognizin®​ Citicoline is a clinically tested form of citicoline that can supply the brain with the nutrition it needs to stay sharp.  Watch the video below the learn more about  Cognizin®, one of the world’s leading nootropics. 

Cognizin®​ Citicoline and energy. 

Energy reserves play a critical role in healthy brain function. The first vital benefit of Cognizin®​ is its ability to help support the brain's energy producing centers.*  While the brain makes up only two percent of a person’s body weight, it consumes roughly 20 percent of the body’s energy when at rest. When performing difficult mental activities, the brain needs even more energy. Clinical research indicates that citicoline supports the health of mitochondria, the powerhouses within cells that actually produce the brain’s energy.* Healthy mitochondrial function results in higher levels of ATP—the body’s main energy storage molecule—in brain cells.

Cognizin®​ Citicoline and Cognitive health.

Citicoline is often called a "brain nutrient" because it increases levels of several important neurotransmitters, including acetylcholine, an important brain chemical that regulates cognitive function.  Cognizin®​ Citicoline has also been shown to support the activity of nerves that respond to acetylcholine, helping to raise activity levels in the brain's learning and communication circuits.*

Cognizin® Citicoline in food/beverage GRAS product applications.

Cognizin®​ Citicoline is a pure, allergen-free GRAS nootropic suitable for use in many different types of product applications.  The versatile nature of its food and beverage applications makes it perfect for manufacturers of sports nutrition, health and wellness products and nutritional supplements such as:

  • Dietary supplements
  • Beverages and beverage bases
  • Breakfast cereals
  • Chewing gum
  • Dairy product analogs
  • Frozen dairy desserts
  • Hard and soft candies
  • Milk and milk products
  • Processed fruits and fruit juices

For more information about the benefits of utilizing Cognizin®​ Citicoline in your next product visit​.

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