Kyowa Hakko (US)

Kyowa Hakko (US)

Kyowa Hakko USA, Inc​. is the North and South American office for KYOWA HAKKO BIO CO., LTD, a world leader in the research and manufacturing of high-quality branded ingredients for use in dietary supplements, functional foods, and beverages. For more than 60 years, Kyowa has maintained a constant commitment to research, innovation, and quality.

Key branded ingredients include:

Cognizin®​​​ Citicoline​

Cognizin Citicoline is an ingredient backed by numerous scientific studies to support claims of improved attention, recall, and focus. Cognizin is a pure, vegetarian, allergen-free form of citicoline designed to provide nutritional support to help combat the normal effects of aging on cognition.

Setria®​ Glutathione​

Setria glutathione helps protect cells from the damaging effects of toxins and oxidative stress and plays a role in supporting immune function. Setria has been clinically studied to be an absorbable form of glutathione.

IMMUSE™ Lactococcus lactis​ strain Plasma (LC-Plasma)

IMMUSE​ is a postbiotic, an exciting new category of biotics shown to provide health benefits to the body. In this case, an added level of protection and revolutionary immune support thanks to LC-Plasma’s novel mechanism of action. IMMUSE​ has been clinically shown to safely stimulate immune function at the cellular level for more dynamic and robust responses.  For more comprehensive immune support backed by 29 studies, including 14 human trials, add IMMUSE™ to your next product.

EYEMUSE™ Lacticaseibacillus paracasei​ KW3110​

EYEMUSE™, a clinically-researched ingredient, is the first heat-treated probiotic (paraprobiotic) to support eye health. EYEMUSE has been shown to promote healthy eye function, stimulate immune cells to support eye health, reduce digital stress-related eye fatigue & discomfort, and help filter blue light (suggested by in vitro​ studies)

VELOX®​​ Patented Performance Blend​

VELOX®​​ is a clinically studied blend of two made in the USA amino acids—L-Citrulline and L-Arginine— that has been shown to boost Nitric Oxide levels more rapidly than L-Arginine alone. Help your customers achieve their personal best with VELOX®​​ Patented Performance Blend.

Pantesin®​​​ Pantethine​​

Pantesin is a branded form of Pantethine, a derivative of vitamin B5, that helps the body maintain a healthy cholesterol ratio. Pantesin is the only pantethine backed by 35+ years of research.

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