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The Evolving Beverage Industry
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The evolving beverage industry

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By 2026, Gen Z and Millennials, will make up the largest consumer group in the US, at 46%.

These consumers are well-informed and passionate about sustainability and eco-friendly products, and want to align with brands and companies who are innovating to make positive, impactful changes within their industry.

Since the outbreak of Covid-19, 64% of consumers in general are more focused on their health and 54% of people are willing to spend more on beverages and products that improve their overall wellbeing. Additionally, 50% of consumers are now actively seeking alternatives to alcohol, generating increased demand for reduced or alcohol-free drinks.

The ‘Health and Wellness” category is growing, and The Naked Collective (TNC) responded to these trends by creating a new range of “Better For You” RTD drinks, containing our unique SuperLiquid and Immunoboost technology, that are also sustainably sourced.

The brewing process and creating​ our New SuperLiquid

In 2011, TNC Co-Founder and CEO Niall Phelan, realized there was a point in the brewing process of traditional beer where the liquid is actually full of vitamins and minerals which boosts immune health. Through this revelation a SuperLiquid was created. Rather than boiling out these good-for-you ingredients (which happens during the typical brewing process), TNC left them in. The plant-based drinks start from grains, full of naturally occurring vitamins and minerals, combined with fresh water, and ‘brewed’ in this unique process, retaining all of the health benefits, found in the grains. ​

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This SuperLiquid is then combined with our Immunoboost technology

Immunoboost is the unique key to the process. It takes the SuperLiquid and combines it with beta glucan, which is extracted from baker’s yeast. Beta glucan is a soluble fibre, found in the cellular wall of baker’s yeast. Beta glucan research links it to a stronger immune system, as well as improved blood sugar and lowered cholesterol.

TNC has researched over 46 peer reviewed scientific studies which show beta glucans can help​:

  • Improve general immune support
  • Help maintain overall physical health
  • Protect against the harmful effects of stress
  • Promote healthy energy levels and mental clarity
Mude Immunoboost

One of the key benefits to TNC’s approach is that all the vitamins and minerals are naturally occurring and not added to the beverages. As a result the absorption level is much higher than traditional vitamin drinks where, mostly cheap, powdered extracts are added to fruit concentrates. Once absorbed, these nutrients support the immune system by identifying threats and fighting them faster, helping you stay stronger and healthier according to the scientific research. It is through this fast absorption that allows you to feel the mental and physical effects of each Mude drink within 5-20 minutes.

To learn more about the science behind the brand click here: The Naked Collective Scientific Studies

These unique technologies and benefits are found in every TNC drink within our Mude (Sparkling Natural SuperLiquids) and So.Beer (Immune Boosting Non-Alcoholic Beers) brands. Each drink contains only plants and water harnessed by the brewing process.