The Naked Collective Ltd.

The Naked Collective Ltd.

Powered by plants, people and purpose, The Naked Collective (TNC) is a carbon neutral beverage company that created natural, functional brewed drinks, designed to improve the health and wellbeing of the world’s consumers. TNC drinks are made with plants and water, that’s it! Consumers are now more than ever seeking out healthy beverages that deliver a functional benefit while also being sustainably sourced and TNC are just that. TNC are on a mission to empower consumers by disrupting the global beverage market, one drink at a time.

TNC have 2 brands-Mude: a range of gluten free sparkling, natural SuperLiquids & So.Beer: an immune supporting non-alcoholic beer; both with no added sugar, no sweeteners, no preservatives, no stabilisers, non GMO, vegan & shelf stable for up to 12 months.

  • Mude has 5 functional drinks that help you take control of your day; Protect, Work, Play, Chill & Sleep.
  • So.Beer is a non-alcoholic lager with benefits to support your immune health with 2 flavors; Light Refreshing & Hint of Grapefruit.

Each drink contains our unique Immunoboost technology & SuperLiquid, full of naturally occurring vitamins, minerals & polyphenols. This results in fast absorption into the bloodstream thanks to its isotonic properties, mental & physical effects in 5-20 mins. Regular consumption improves normal immune function after 10 days due to the Immunoboost technology, which combines the benefits of brewing plants with Beta Glucan.

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The Evolving Beverage Industry

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The evolving beverage industry

By 2026, Gen Z and Millennials, will make up the largest consumer group in the US, at 46%. Well-informed about sustainably, they want to align with brands who are innovating to make positive change.