MyMuse launches its influencer-focused functional soda with singer Dixie D’Amelio

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Source: MyMuse
Source: MyMuse

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Beverage brand MyMuse worked closely with social media personality and singer Dixie D'Amelio to develop a new caffeine-free, passionfruit-flavored functional soda and enhance the company's symbiotic influencer marketing strategy as “a brand to inspire creators …and also inspired by creators," Bill Juarez, CEO, MyMuse, told FoodNavigator-USA.

MyMuse was created by beverage industry veteran Lance Collins in 2020. Collins, who previously launched Fuze Tea, NOS Energy, CORE Water, BodyArmor and ZenWTR, developed the concept of MyMuse as an enhanced water. Due to supply chain disruptions and the overall challenges from the pandemic, MyMuse “went into hibernation,” and the brand’s “product assortment was [reassessed],” Bill Juarez, CEO, MyMuse, explained.

When the brand initially launched in 2020, Collins partnered with the D’Amelio family, who are described ​as a “social media powerhouse with over 250m combined followers,” and who have been involved with the brand from the beginning.

Distinguishing between influencer and celebrity marketing

Driven by social media and cell phones, influencer marketing has catapulted over the last few years – with the global influencer market value​ tripling since 2019 to $21.1bn in 2023, highlighting the lucrative relationship between brands and creators, where the latter provides access to a concentrated group of consumers that can help boost a brand’s presence and traction.

While celebrity marketing has played a significant role in the endorsement of iconic food and beverages for decades, Juarez explained that it is a more traditional form of marketing that is “pre smartphone.”

“As these young consumers grew up on a smartphone, they looked at [marketing] differently and they began to look for authenticity,” Juarez said.

He defines an influencer as “somebody who adds value to the follower,” which was exemplified in the fitness category where consumers sought out education surrounding workout routines and meal prep, followed by more long-form content like podcasts that featured a variety of experts on a topic under the influencer’s brand umbrella.

“The key thing to remember is, when choosing a marketing partner who is an influencer, is there value being added to the community? And of course choosing that influencer very carefully that they align with your brand values. I think that is another thing that certain companies get away from is, ‘Oh it is a big name, great we will partner with them.’ But then there is a disconnect between them and your targeted consumer,” Juarez elaborated.

The partnership with Dixie began “out the gate” since the family was already part of the brand, who “believed in the proposition of the brand from the beginning,” Juarez said.

As a young musician and influencer, Dixie’s online presence and her engagement in the flavor development served as an authentic connection with MyMuse’s consumers, which will be featured in the brand's upcoming behind-the-scenes footage of her flavor creation process.

“She really did create the flavor profiles – it was all her. We just sat on the sidelines and guided the process where she really did all the work to make all the choices. When we got to the end of it, we all felt really good about the proposition. And, I think, what will come through to her audience is the authenticity of it … and the buy in from all parties,” Juarez emphasized.

MyMuse intends to continue developing its influencer marketing strategy, which takes “a little bit of humility on the part of the brand owner,” to invite another perspective into the marketing process “who has the imagination of the audience that you are trying to attract to your product," Juarez said.

Blending functionality with flavor

The company expanded its roster of beverages from functional waters to functional sodas with this launch.

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Source: MyMuse

The caffeine-free soda contains a blend adaptogens, including maca root and ashwagandha and electrolytes, including zinc, potassium and magnesium, along with 5 grams of organic cane sugar at 25 calories.

Delivering a 'taste-first soda' to Gen Z and Gen Alpha consumers

Targeting young Gen Z and Gen Alpha consumers, MyMuse’s soda portfolio follows in the footsteps of other popular functional soda brands that have focused on gut health, which Juarez described as an opportunity to expand the category further by prioritizing taste first and healthy indulgence second.

“Brands like Olipop or Poppi have done a great job of proving out the case that the market is ready for a new take on soda … What we set out to do was just deliver a taste-first soda, because soda is an indulgent category,” Juarez explained.

Initially, MyMuse tested its formulation with vitamins, but removed them from the soda, because vitamins are “an easy thing to throw in products, but everybody is over vitamized for the most part.” Rather, MyMuse replaced vitamins with minerals, which consumers, particularly women, are lacking, while also providing a crispness to the overall mouthfeel, Juarez said.

Developing an omnichannel retail strategy

MyMuse has been building its distributor network and retailer partnerships for “six plus months” Juarez said. The brand will launch in 1,200 Target stores nationwide beginning this month, in addition to launching in 400-plus Sprouts locations across the country earlier this month. At the end of April, MyMuse will launch in two divisions Kroger and 7 Eleven and Amazon. Juarez added that the company intends to “have full nationwide coverage no later than September of this year.”

The company also partnered with online retailer Go Puff which has “success around college campuses” and fits MyMuses’ target demographic.


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