What's hitting the shelves? New beverage launches - from white rum to coconut water

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New beverage launches: innovations in rum to NPD in tea

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From white rum to coconut water, we take a look at some of the newest innovations making waves in beverage NPD.

BrewDog Distilling: DUO White Rum

BrewDog Distilling Co has launched DUO White Rum: which joins existing rum SKUs DUO Spiced Rum and DUO Spiced with Caramelised Pineapple Rum.

DUO White Rum (pictured above) offers flavours of tropical fruit like pineapple and guava across natural flavors of caramel, toffee, and vanilla. “Born in Scotland, blended with the Caribbean, DUO Rum is an exquisite marriage that sees rum made with molasses from the Caribbean to deliver an authentic yet delicate taste of the tropics,” according to BrewDog distilling, which relaunched last year with a mission to create ‘some serious tidal waves’ in the craft spirits industry.

For the perfect serve, DUO White Rum can be poured over cubed ice, topped with cola and finished with a squeeze of fresh lime.

Tequila with a pinch of pepper

ghost tequila

Florida’s Ghost Tequila has launched Ghost Reposado, a premium aged 100% Blue Agave Reposado tequila enhanced with a pinch of ghost pepper.

“With the growing demand in the spicy category, we witnessed incredibly strong growth in Ghost Tequila's Blanco sales last year,” explains Chris Peddy, CMO of Ghost Tequila. “We are now thrilled to introduce a new expression, Ghost Reposado, to evolve our brand to a new premium consumer segment. The launch marks a significant milestone in our journey and the spicy category.”

The tequila begins with a blend of 6-year-old mature agaves sourced from both the Highlands and Lowlands. The agaves are then slow-cooked in brick ovens for two days and crushed to extract the juice using a modern roller mill process. Rested for 2-4 months in American White Oak Pipones with a signature toast to create the Reposado, our liquid is then infused with a pinch of Ghost Peppers. The result is a Reposado tequila that offers more depth, boasting tasting notes showcasing a perfect balance of spice and sweetness.

Consumers can expect a mild spice at the front of the tongue, followed by sweet notes of cooked agave, and finishing with a blend of sweet and citric notes. Ghost's proprietary blend of ghost pepper provides the heat without the burn for a ‘perfectly spicy yet smooth drinking experience’. Ghost Reposado can be used in variety of cocktails, such as Espresso Martini, stepping up your regular Ranch Water, Old Fashioned, and more.

Ghost Reposado (40% ABV) is available across the US, with a limited production of 6,000 9-liter cases. Each case contains 6 bottles, and the tequila is packaged in 750mL recyclable glass bottles.

100 Coconuts

100 coconuts

New York’s 100 Coconuts – the fastest-growing premium coconut water brand – is launching a new 16.6 fl oz can of 100% pure coconut water on Amazon and select retailers.

The larger size caters to coconut water fans who want to consume more of the beverage in one go; and complements the existing 11 fl oz size.

“Our new 16.6-fluid ounce can of 100% Pure Coconut Water is an exciting addition to our product lineup,” says Gregory Lowe II, CEO of 100 Coconuts. “This larger size not only offers our customers the same refreshing taste of Pure Coconut Water they love, but also packs in increased electrolytes, nutrients and hydration benefits. At 100 Coconuts, we're dedicated to providing the best coconut water experience, and this new offering is a testament to that commitment.”

100 Coconuts also offers two flavors: Pure Coconut Water + Mango and Pure Coconut Water + Pineapple.

Starbucks' latest RTD beverages

starbucks oatmilk

Starbucks and PepsiCo are rolling out their latest line-up of RTD beverages.

Non-dairy Starbucks Oatmilk Frappuccino Chilled Coffee, new flavors of Starbucks Cold Brew, and Starbucks Multi-serve Cold Brew, are all now available in grocery stores in the US.

Starbucks Oatmilk Frappuccino Chilled Coffee comes in two new flavors: Caramel Waffle Cookie; and Dark Chocolate Brownie.

Starbucks Cold Brew returns with 11oz cans in three new flavors: Vanilla Sweet Cream, Chocolate Cream and Salted Caramel Cream.

Pure Leaf zero sugar sweet tea

pure leaf zero

Pure Leaf is launching its first-ever zero sugar sweet tea: a tea made with black tea leaves and brewed without artificial flavors, colors, concentrates or preservatives.

Sweetened with sucralose and acesulfame potassium, the drink is sugar free and calorie free.

"Bringing our first-ever Zero Sugar Sweet Tea product to market has been a long time coming," says Julie Raheja-Perera, General Manager, North America, Pepsi Lipton Partnership.

"We know this is an iced tea option consumers are looking for today, and we took the time needed to perfect our recipe. We wanted to make the delicious taste of sweet tea happen without sugar, while keeping Pure Leaf's standards of real, freshly brewed tea that consumers have come to know and love. 

The tea retails in the US at $2.49 for a 18.5 fl oz bottle.

Tenzing upsizes energy drinks


UK energy drink brand Tenzing is upsizing all of its 250ml cans to a larger 330ml format in all UK grocers.

The move comes after a trial of the new can size last year saw a 50% increase in sales.

Additionally, feedback from customers said they preferred bigger cans with more functional ingredients inside for their energy boost. 

As part of the switch to the new cans, Tenzing has upgraded the can design, simplifying its visual identity across products. 

The new designs reflect the brand's commitment to a unified and refreshing look, dedicating each blend to one of their core communities: Climbing, Running and Surfing. 

Huib van Bockel, CEO of Tenzing said: " We listened to the demand of people wanting more energy which is why the new 330ml cans have 33% more functional ingredients like caffeine, L-theanine, vitamin C and electrolytes than the old 250ml cans .

“We are excited to have our whole range in a bigger can with a refreshed design, but while the can is changing our core message remains the same - Tenzing is about natural energy and using real fruits and hardcore natural ingredients to give people the best flavours and all the hard-hitting power without any of the bad stuff."

Collagen tea

Beauty tea with collagen

UK functional tea brand D’Amazonia is launching a new beauty tea with collagen.

The tea contains Chinese Green Tea, collagen peptides, hibiscus, turmeric, moringa leaf, Chinese White tea, rosehip, apple pieces and blackberry leaves.

Marcela Tupinamba said: “As ever our functional teas are deliberately tasked with offering so much more than great taste and refreshment. Our beauty tea specifically responds to the reality that as we age our body not only finds it progressively synthesise collagen but also repel inevitable free radicals (Sun’s UV rays, manmade pollution, the tribulations of passive smoking ..…) which accelerate the speed at which our inbuilt collagen levels deplete.”

The teas join D’Amazonia’s range of teas for digestive health, sleep, post-workout and menopause. 

Ginger and orange cordial


UK cordials range Robinsons is expanding with two new flavors: elderflower, and ginger & orange.

Elderflower and ginger both account for 41% of all cordial category value sales, showing a clear demand for popular flavors, notes brand-owner Britvic. And the sophisticated flavors also help meet demand from the 46% of consumers trying to moderate their alcohol intake.

Ben Parker, Retail Commercial Director at Britvic said: “With in-home social occasions on the rise, our offerings can elevate these nights in with exceptional taste and style. Whether you're toasting to a special occasion or simply unwinding at home, our flavours offer shoppers choice with great tasting alternatives to alcohol. As a well-known and trusted brand, we can help retailers tap into this shopper behaviour and satisfy shoppers’ thirst for sophisticated flavours.”

Robinsons Elderflower and Ginger & Orange cordials are available at £3 MRSP in grocery now, joining existing flavors lime & mint and raspberry & rhubarb.

Looking for more beverage NPD?


Truly tequila soda (pictured right) hits shelves in the US, while While Claw lemonade launches in Canada. 

More innovations in last week's beverage NPD round-up.

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