Expanding the non-alcoholic category at Fancy Food Show

By Deniz Ataman

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Image source: Deniz Ataman
Image source: Deniz Ataman

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Non-alcoholic beverages continue to grow with brands differentiating themselves through active ingredients, botanical flavors, glass and aluminum packaging and bold designs, as showcased at the Summer Fancy Food Show in New York City 25-27 where attendees gathered under the Javits Center’s inimitable glass ceiling to discover new product launches and technologies that pushed boundaries.

Driven by a rise in mindful alcoholic consumption, brands like Fauxmosa ​targeted a specific segment within the alcoholic category to give consumers a complementary experience of drinking a mimosa without the side effects. With popular fruity flavors common in a mimosa like orange, cranberry, pineapple and grapefruit, Fauxmosa is made from Sauvignon Blanc and Grenache grapes sourced from California; as well as apple cider vinegar to mimic the taste and sensation of alcohol.

Back in 2018, people were searching for alcohol-free champagne and alcohol-free mimosas,​” Amanda Moore, founder, Fauxmosa, explained to FoodNavigator-USA during the show.

In 2022, the non-alcoholic beverage category​ exceeded $11 billion, up $8 billion from 2017. The category is blurring the lines between sparkling waters, juice and functional beverages, with key attributes like low-to-no sugar, clean label and added health benefits.

Mingle’s founder, Laura Taylor, launched the brand after giving up alcohol eight years ago and creating a product that skews towards women as many of the non-alcoholic beers at the time were targeted towards men.

[Back then], 30% of Americans did not drink. Now it’s 40% and we have a choice…to feel like part of the party​,” Taylor explained.

Mingle’s ​brightly colored packaging features its attributes directly on cans and glass bottles: naturally flavored and sweetened with cane sugar, low-calorie, vegan and gluten-free. Taylor adds that the beverage is also customizable, suggesting consumers can add nootropics and adaptogens.

Marketed as a “skinny & organic,” non-alcoholic mixer and RTD mocktail, Dirty Pelican​ featured its cocktail-inspired flavors, Mango Passionfruit Margarita, Blackberry Mint Mule, Elderflower Paloma and Jalapeno Margarita at the show.

dirty pelican

Dirty Pelican’s ingredients include juice puree and devoid of high fructose corn syrup and preservatives. Blurring the lines between mixer and mocktail particularly in the foodservice segment with limited non-alcoholic options, Dirty Pelican launched as a “restaurant-quality cocktail [that] stays committed to…health,"​ according to its website.

Betty Buzz​, launched by actress Blake Lively who publicized her non-alcoholic drinking and contributed to the popularization of the sober curious lifestyle, featured its sparkling seltzers at the show as a stand-alone drink or mixer. The brand added cans to its existing glass bottle portfolio, with flavors like Sparkling Lemon Lime, Sparkling Grapefruit, Meyer Lemon Soda and Ginger Beer. Walking the fine line between mixer and craft soda, the brand highlights bubble quality and size as an essential feature, as well as natural ingredients.

betty buzz

Although bitters are geared more towards cocktails, their popularity has been growing as a complement to sparkling waters and as a digestive. King Floyd’s Bar Provisions​ showcased its line of craft bitters with flavors like Barrel Aged, Cardamom, Cherry Cacao, Chocolate and Ginger, and sweetened with maple syrup.

king floyd

For centuries, bitters were used in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayruveda medicine to treat a variety of digestive issues. Today, as consumers continually favor natural ingredients and more control over their beverage customization, bitters serve as a flavorful and functional accessory for the non-alcoholic category.

three spirit

Three Spirit​ blurs the line between cocktail mixer and functional beverage. The brand showcased its Livener, Social Elixer and Nightcap beverages at the show, all inspired by popular cocktails and include active plant ingredients. Livener is formulated to feel “primed, fiery and energized” and features ingredients like berries, aromatics and heat. Social Elixir is “elevated, calm and connected,” with bittersweet notes; and Nightcap, inspired by Old Fashioned flavors, is “mellow, dreamy and soothed” with warming notes.

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