What's hitting the shelves? New beverage launches

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New beverage launches: from RTD alcohol to coffee

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From energy drinks to cold brew, we take a look at some of the latest beverage launches around the globe.

Gatorade Fast Twitch

gatorade fast twitch

Gatorade has entered the US energy drink category with Fast Twitch, a drink developed with 200mg of caffeine to help focus the mind and power the body for athletic performance. 

Fast Twitch was developed in consultation with the NFL and sports performance experts.

“Fast Twitch ($23.99 for a 12 pack; $2.79 / single 12-oz. bottle) was designed specifically to fuel athletes’ pre-game workout and routine - whether you’re hitting the gym or playing pick-up basketball,”​ says the PepsiCo brand.

Features include:

  • 200mg of caffeine (equal to roughly two cups of coffee)
  • 100% DV of Vitamins B6 and B12
  • Electrolytes including 160mg sodium and 50mg of potassium
  • Not carbonated, in the same great flavors as Gatorade
  • NSF safe-for-sport certified 
  • Industry-first grippable, resealable bottle for on-the-go

Flavors include Cool Blue, Glacier Freeze, Strawberry Watermelon, Strawberry Lemonade, Orange and Tropical Mango.

VK zero sugar range

VK soda berries tu

UK RTD alcohol brand VK is launching a new zero sugar range in the UK on-trade.

VK & SODA is a light and bubbly drink with two fruity flavours available – VK & SODA Berries, and VK & SODA Lime. The varieties are based on two of the UK’s favourite drinks – ‘Blue’, the UK’s best-selling RTD flavour in alcopops, ​and vodka, lime, and soda, the classic ‘& soda’ bar call. ​ Each VK & SODA contains 56 calories, fewer than the iconic VK range, and zero sugar. 

The new range ‘delivers on demand for zero sugar and lower calorie drinks, while retaining the flavourful and tasty essence of the original VK range, which includes VK Blue, VK Strawberry & Lime, VK Orange & Passion Fruit, VK Tropical Fruits, VK Apple & Mango, VK Watermelon, VK Black Cherry, and VK Raspberry & Peach.’

Each VK & SODA contains zero sugar and 56 calories, with the drinks using a vodka base. The launch of VK & SODA has been designed to engage with RTD consumers, as well as attracting a rapidly expanding segment of consumers to the category that opt for beverages with fewer calories than typical RTDs and zero sugar.

Charlie Leaver, Head of Brand at Global Brands Ltd, creators of VK, said: “VK & SODA is the pre-mixed drink delivering full flavour and a zesty, crisp taste, with 56 calories and zero sugar. Consumers can have the party vibes and fruitiness that come with a VK, with fewer calories than our iconic, No.1 drink for students.” 

VK & SODA Berries and VK & SODA Lime are available in 275ml PET and glass bottles, and have an ABV of 3.4%.

Carlsberg’s Year of the Rabbit packaging

carlsberg year of rabbit

New illustrated wrap to celebrate the year of the rabbit is available on Carlsberg brews on both cans and bottles in China, on bottles in Singapore, Malaysia and on cans in Hong Kong.

Created by illustrator Feifei Ruan, the visual storytelling captures Chinese New Year’s essence, drawing on the celebratory nature of reuniting with family and friends.

Feifei Ruan’s illustration is described as a “spring wonderland depicting eight magical rabbits transformed from the golden liquid of Carlsberg premium brew, reuniting in a beer forest. The piece is embellished with koi fish, signifying luck and good fortune, flying swallows that welcome spring and new beginnings, and dragonflies symbolising harmony, prosperity and good luck. Additionally, elements of gold coins and blooming peonies symbolise wealth, prosperity and new beginnings."

Silk & Spice

silk route

US wine brand Silk & Spice launches three new wines to complement its Silk & Spice Red Blend: Silk & Spice White Blend, Silk & Spice Silk Route, and Silk & Spice Spice Road. 

First launched in 2016, Silk & Spice pays homage to ‘the sense of adventure, knowledge, and courage of the Portuguese sailors who, during the Age of Discovery, started the silk and spice trade routes from the far east to the rest of the world... with wine expertly blended to capture the silky and spicy aromas and flavors found in Portuguese indigenous grapes’.

The three new wines are a tribute to the art of Portuguese blending, and highlights Portugal’s diversity of varietals and flavors. 

The three new blends will be available at wine and spirits retailers in select markets: MA, MI, MN, NJ, RI, TX and WI starting in February. The wines will roll out nationally in July 2023.

STōK Cold Brew


STōK Cold Brew has launched a new Espresso Blend Cold Brew in the US.

“Recognizing that younger consumers not only love their coffee cold, but also appreciate a good espresso, STōK's Espresso Blend Cold Brew Coffee brings the two together for the brand's darkest, boldest roast yet,”​ says the Danone North America brand.

“A new permanent fixture in STōK's highly popular portfolio of cold brew coffee, it is brewed low and slow, hitting your tastebuds with hints of chocolate, brown sugar, caramel, dried fruit, and nuts.

Available in 48oz. multi-serve bottles, STōK's Espresso Blend Cold Brew is now available in stores across the US for an SRP of $5.99.

Cannabis-infused seltzer

US cannabis-infused seltzer brand Happi is launching two new products: Happi Glow and Happi Nightcap.

“These functional beverages are perfect for day and night, respectively. Created with a unique blend of minor cannabinoids and non-psychedelic lion’s mane and reishi mushrooms, these formulas are the first of their kind, with Happi filing a patent applicationcovering the formulation for the products,”​ explains the brand.

Happi Glow comes in a Blood Orange Ginger flavor. Each can has 5mg of THC, 5mg of CBD, 3mg of CBG, and 2mg of CBN: as well as lion’s mane mushroom.

Happi Nightcap will be available in Turkish Apple Tea, featuring notes of crisp apple and warm spices. Each can has 5mg of THC and 5mg of CBN.

Each formula is vegan and gluten-free, and made with simple, all-natural ingredients.  Happi Glow and Nightcap will first launch in Minnesota, with more markets coming online in mid-February.

The Happi brand also features four original flavors: Lemon Elderflower, Raspberry Honeysuckle, Pomegranate Hibiscus, and Lime Wild Mint.

Tequila and mezcal

Lobos 1707 Tequila and Mezcal, an ultra-premium agave spirit brand, is expanding outside the US with its launch in Dubai.

The brand was launched in 2020 by Founder and Chief Creative Officer Diego Osorio with CEO and brand-builder Dia Simms and athlete LeBron James.

“Uniquely finished in Pedro Ximénez sherry barrels for a smooth and round flavor, Lobos 1707 tequilas are born in the nutrient-rich soils of Altos de Jalisco as blue weber agave plants, with its Mezcal deriving from the steep slopes of the Oaxacan Sierra from espadin agave,”​ says the brand. “Honoring rich traditions, Lobos 1707’s unique process and world class product is created by Master Distillers from both Mexico and Spain, representing the best of both worlds.”

Lobos 1707 Joven Tequila Reposado Tequila, Lobos 1707 Reposado Tequila, Lobos 1707 Extra Anejo Tequila and Lobos 1707 Mezcal Artesanal are available now at Cove Beach, Caesars Palace, as well as select other venues, and will also be available to buy in MMI stores from February 2023.

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