What's hitting the shelves? New beverage launches

By Rachel Arthur

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New beverage launches: from juice to energy drinks

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From pumpkin spice energy drinks to white wine, we take a look at some of the new products launching around the world this month.

Blindfold wine

The Prisoner Wine Company has added to its brand portfolio with the launch of Blindfold (pictured above).

Blindfold is the fourth brand under Constellation Brands’ The Prisoner Wine Company portfolio, and will feature ‘light and vibrant, elegant white wine expressions from renowned North Coast vineyards and appellations’. Blindfold’s first release is a still Blanc de Noir from Sonoma County.

“Introducing Blindfold with our first bottling of a 2021 Blanc de Noir is something our team is very proud of,”​ says Chrissy Wittmann, Director of Winemaking, The Prisoner Wine Company. “The Prisoner Red Blend is what made The Prisoner Wine Company what it is today and we saw an opportunity to take that signature formula of blending uncommon varietals to a new category with white wine.”

Blindfold’s Pinot Noir grapes are picked early and hand harvested, and direct to press processing produces a white, still wine with the slightest salmon colored hue at 12.5% ABV. Some Viognier and Gewurztraminer are blended in to add fuller texture and a rich mouthfeel while producing a light, elegant and vibrant white wine expression with notes of in-season citrus, white flower, white peach, and a hint of tart cranberry. SRP is $35.

Blindfold’s bottle is designed to evoke a tactile experience that will stand out on shelves. The top label was created with CGI technology to depict a realistic illustration of textured fabric, akin to a blindfold. As consumers interact with the bottle, they will discover a hidden message found on the inside of the front label.

Blindfold is available for purchase now through the winery’s website, and will be available at retailers around the US in the coming weeks.

Coffee mate plant-based

coffee mate

For the first time in its 50-year history, Coffee mate is unveiling Plant-Based Almond & Oat Milk Creamers in two flavors in the US: French Vanilla and Caramel.

These new creamers ‘combine the most beloved flavors from Coffee mate, with a smooth, blended base of oat and almond milk’.

“Coffee mate holds the leading market share in refrigerated creamers and continues to transform the category by innovating to meet consumers’ needs,” says​ the Nestle brand. “As plant-based creamers continue to grow in popularity – representing 15% of the category overall in 2022 – these new offerings were designed to deliver a plant-based experience with the same great taste, flavor and richness Coffee mate fans have come to love.”

Coffee mate Plant-Based Almond & Oat Milk Creamers will be available at select Walmart locations in October, expanding to grocery stores and mass retailers nationwide in January 2023.   

Pumpkin spice energy drink


US plant-based energy brand Yerbaé is launching a Pumpkin Spice Energy Drink, Yerbaé Pumpkin Spice, which will be available at retailers for a limited-time this fall.

Unlike most PSLs, Yerbaé Pumpkin Spice has zero calories, zero sugar and delivers 160mg of natural caffeine from yerba mate, a South American herb – alongside the iconic nutmeg, cinnamon and ginger flavor.

“PSLs have some dark secrets: they actually contain an unhealthy level of sugar (50g+), 14g of fat and as many as 390 calories,”​ says the brand. “Yerbaé’s innovation was created to give people a better-for-you version of their favorite fall flavor.

"The new energy drink only has eight ingredients which are non-GMO and plant-based. With no sugar or calories, the smooth release of yerba mate – a revered South American herb and one of nature’s cleanest caffeine sources – stimulates the body and focuses the mind.

"By trading in a PSL, Yerbaé provides good plant-based energy without the guilt that can come with consuming the unhealthy amounts of sugar, artificial ingredients and calories. And consumers can enjoy Yerbaé even more, knowing the packaging is 100% recyclable, unlike PSL’s single-use cups, the inevitable name misspellings, the insanely long coffee shop lines and the inflation price hikes that are coming this fall.” 

Yerbaé Pumpkin Spice Energy Drink launches in September in Amazon and in select Costco stores in Southern California.

Green tea and blueberry juice blend

green tea and blueberry juice

UK juice brand The Berry Company has launched a new Green Tea and Blueberry juice blend with Aronia and Juniper extract.

The latest variety will add to the brand’s rapidly growing portfolio of unique, exotic and flavourful juices, including the likes of white tea peach with moringa and lemon; acai berry with raspberry and yerba mate; and pomegranate with aronia and rosehip.

The light and refreshing juice blend is gluten-free and vegan-friendly, made from natural ingredients without any added sugars or sweeteners. Botanically infused and a good source of vitamin C, the juice contains 4.6g sugar per 100ml, and 20 calories per 100ml.

“Bursting with flavor, the green tea extract carries subtle earthy and herbal flavor notes, while the blueberries offer a milder taste, adding a distinctive clean finish to the blend,”​ says the company. “What's more, green tea is notably high in antioxidants, helping to prevent the likes of cardiovascular disease and aiding cognition.

“The juice also combines hints of exotic Aronia berries (also known as chokeberries) and Juniper berries which are tart and juicy, known for their functionality and evident health benefits. In fact, Juniper extract has traditionally been used as a diuretic to help arthritis and diabetes, while also used for the treatment of gastrointestinal and autoimmune disorders.”

The new Green Tea variety can be consumed on its own, served with ice or used within a range of cocktails. It is now available in 1 litre cartons (RRP: £2.25).

Alcohol-free hop extract drinks


Noting a shift towards low and no alcohol drink options, Polish brand Tymbark has launched a new range of hop extract alcohol-free drinks, Tymbark Po prostu.

The drinks come in three flavors: dry orange, juniper and fresh lemon.

“Tymbark Po prostu is a new line of products for people who value simple, yet tasty combinations,”​ explained Leszek Organista, Brand Manager. “Those who value comfort and are looking for products with good and simple composition will enjoy the collection’s range of flavored waters, non-alcoholic radlers and lemonades.

“Each of the new products is characterized by less sweetness and new, drier flavors.”

The brand has worked with aluminum beverage can manufacturer Canpack on its 500ml matt effect cans.



Los Angeles’ Greenbar Distillery has launched a non-alcoholic version of its Hibiscus Spritz.

The new Hibiscus “UnSpritz” is rolling out in select Whole Foods locations in California, Colorado, Texas and Mid-Atlantic States.

“The lush and tangy drink is the alcohol-free Californian version of an afternoon Italian tradition, balancing floral and berry notes with a blend of hibiscus, lavender, orange, chamomile, apple, ginger and rose hips with a hint of bitterness,”​ says the distillery.

When making non-alcoholic drinks, Greenbar uses many of the same methods it uses to make its spirits like traditional distillation and infusion techniques. The makers then boil off the alcohol in a special dealcoholization process which ensures the real aromas, flavors and textures are captured authentically.

The UnSpritz will be available for purchase in 12oz 4-packs with an SRP of $14.99.

Hog Bite Energy Drink

hog bite

Florida beverage manufacturer/supplier MSP has introduced Hog Bite Energy Drink.

The drink is made with citrus flavor, added vitamins B6/B12 and taurine, with each 12oz can containing 116mg of caffeine. The drinks come in original (110 calories) and sugar-free (5 calories) options.

"For us to bring Hog Bite Energy Drink to the South and South Eastern States is a natural fit”​ said Daniel Rogers, VP of sales. “Hog Bite appeals to sports fans, high/college kids, hunters, HD Bikers, NASCAR Fans, and meat-lovers which makes Hog Bite stand out for consumers to try and love".

Hog bite will initially be marketed in Alabama, Arkansas, Florida, Georgia, Louisiana, Mississippi, Oklahoma and Texas.

Functional drink with adaptogens and nootropic ingredients

North American functional wellness drink company Centr Brands Corp is readying to debut Centr Enhanced, a functional sparkling water, to the company’s growing health and wellness product portfolio.

Planned for October release, Centr Enhanced is described as a ‘refreshing, zero calorie, nootropic and adaptogen-enriched functional beverage incorporating a variety of good-for-you elements’. It will be caffeine-free while Centr Enhanced+ provides 60mg of natural caffeine for added energy and focus.

This will be Centr’s first non-CBD product expansion since it launched three years ago and will be available to consumers throughout North America.

The premium adaptogens and nootropic ingredients selected in Centr Enhanced include: Sceletium tortuosum, Panax notoginseng & astragalus membranaceus, gamma-aminobutyric acid and Cognizin citicoline.

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