Alkaline88 Sport launches in the US: ‘We saw an opportunity to take the hydrating properties of alkaline water and layer on additional sports functionality’

By Rachel Arthur

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The Alkaline Water Company is expanding its portfolio with Alkaline88 Sport: a beverage embracing alkaline water alongside functional ingredients to create a sports drink that it believes can stand out in the growing US market.

Alkaline88 – the flagship brand of The Alkaline Water Company – was created in 2012, using pink Himalayan rock salt and creating a ‘deliciously smooth, clean beverage with more rapid absorption for elite hydration’ and a pH of 8.8.

Since its inception, Alkaline88 has made its way to over 80,000 retail outlets across the US, and risen to become the 10th largest enhanced water brand, as well as boasting the best-selling 1-gallon enhanced water product in the country.

With a focus on all-natural functional beverages, the company has expanded its portfolio of products beyond the initial bulk alkaline water to include small sizes, sustainable aluminum options, and CBD-infused functional beverages.

So why move into sports drinks with Alkaline88 Sport? Firstly, the sports drink market in the US is an attractive one, Ricky Wright, CEO of The Alkaline Water Company, told us.

“The US sports drink category has grown from 85 million gallons in 2019 to 188 million gallons in 2021.

“That’s 122% growth of an incredibly large category in two years. Although the energy drink category is also experiencing strong growth at 44% over that same time-period, sports drinks are estimated to overtake energy in 2022.”

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Add into that the hydrating properties of The Alkaline Water Company’s existing products; along with FreshCap tech which stores ingredients in the cap.

“Alkaline88, as is, performs very well with athletes given our elite hydrating functionality,"​ said Wright. "We saw an opportunity to take the hydrating properties of Alkaline88 water and layer on additional sports functionality to create a truly special and differentiated product for consumers. With our FreshCap technology powered by Vessl, we have created a functional sports drink unlike anything else in the market.”

Alkaline88 Sport is all-natural, free of preservatives, with zero calories or sugar. It comes in four flavors - Fruit Punch, Jolly Watermelon, Very Berry, Limon Citrus - in a 15.6 oz BPA-free bottle. The cap tech allows consumers to mix functional ingredients just before consumption.

“Alkaline88 Sport’s functional ingredients are all-natural flavoring, Guarana, Ginseng, and Vitamins B-12, B-6, B-5, and B-3 in liquid form at 110 PSI stored in our proprietary FreshCap technology,"​ explains Wright. "The ingredients will instantly infuse into the Alkaline88 water when the consumer twists the cap open.”

Targeting all shapes, sizes and ages

Like other brands, The Alkaline Water Company sees the opportunity to bring functionality into the mainstream.

“Our target market is athletes and fitness enthusiasts of all shapes, sizes, and ages," said ​Wright. "Whether you’re a high-school yoga enthusiast, a 22-year-old professional gamer, a 35-year-old running a 5k, or a 65-year-old avid walker, we’re aiming to add value to the activities and lives of those looking to improve themselves.”

And he believes the new product has the attributes to stand out among the other brands spotting the opportunity in the sports drink market.

“Our ability to combine the benefits of Alkaline88 water with the other functional ingredients, enabled by our FreshCap technology, is unique and a gamechanger in the marketplace. No other companies are able to do this. There is a “WOW” factor that comes along with twisting the cap and seeing an instant infusion.

“Additionally, the fact that Alkaline88 Sport is all-natural, no preservatives or calories, adds a competitive edge over many of our competitors in the space.”

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