Dow opens entries for its 2019 Packaging Innovation Awards

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Flat Wine Bottle by Delivering Happiness. Photo: Dow.
Flat Wine Bottle by Delivering Happiness. Photo: Dow.
From a Flat Wine Bottle, to Mix On Command (MOC) Shaker Bag, PaperBoat Thandai Retortable Profile Pouch and KitKat Celebreak box; Dow is on the hunt for this year’s breakthrough designs for its Packaging Innovation Awards 2019.

This is the second year Dow is the title sponsor of the globally recognized awards program, carrying on the tradition started by DuPont more than 30 years ago. 


Submissions for the international awards program will be accepted from now until March 29 on the Dow Packaging Innovation Awards website​.  

Every year we’re inspired by the breakthroughs being made throughout the entire value chain. It’s a privilege to host a program featuring creative, problem-solving packaging innovations from around the world​,” said Diego Donoso, business president, Dow Packaging & Specialty Plastics.

The Packaging Innovation Awards is the industry’s longest-running independently judged awards program and Dow is assembling an international panel of judges to provide a global perspective across design, engineering, retail, e-commerce, converting and academia.

Last year’s program featured over 200 entries from companies in more than 30 countries, and saw nine Diamond Finalist winners, eight Gold Award winners and 11 Silver Award winners, and one best-in-class Diamond Award winner.

Entry in this year’s competition is free, and applicants are not required to use Dow or DuPont materials in their products. All entries must be commercial products that have been on the market for more than one year beginning in 2015 or later.

Highlights of last year’s winners​ include:

Flat Wine Bottle

The Flat Wine Bottle by Delivering Happiness Ltd, a British company trading as Garçon Wines. The packaging is designed for e-commerce in the UK so the wine can fit through mail slots, or letterboxes of UK homes. The primary package, a 750ml recycled PET bottle, lays flat in a dye-cut cavity in the same shape as the bottle within the postal pack in which it gets delivered. Using 100% post-consumer

Simply Beverages Recycle Code 1

recycled PET instead of glass reduces shipping weight and cost, eliminates potential breakage in transit and offers a more eco-friendly packaging material than regular plastic or glass.

Simply Beverages Recycle Code No. 1 Extrudable PET Juice Container

The material for Simply Beverages’ 89-ounce recyclable juice container was developed and commercialized through close collaboration between The Coca-Cola Company, Indorama Ventures and converting partner CKS Packaging to reduce the package’s weight by 9% while also increasing recyclability and maintaining the familiar form of the previous bottle.

Doritos Crunch Prism Pack 

Doritos EZ SnackPak

The Doritos Crunch Prism Pack from PepsiCo Frito-Lay provides a clean way of snacking on-the-go, with a shape for clean one-handed snacking. The wedge-shaped paperboard Prism pack can be open or closed by folding over the corner of the packaging and locking it into a convenient slot.

Doritos E-Z SnackPak 

ProAmpac’s tetrahedron-shaped E-Z SnackPak pouch differentiates itself from other packaging by transforming into a serving tray upon opening, for a convenient user experience. The shape adds structural support that provides product protection during shipping and uses less packaging than typical pillow pouches. ProAmpac partnered with PepsiCo Mexico Foods on the Dorito’s E-Z SnackPak pouch.

Wave Seal Technology 

The Wave Seal Technology consists in the pre-elongating in concentric waves of regular sealable aluminum lids, made with regular aluminum foils, used by food & beverage in wide-mouth rigid packages. The Wave lid can be applied to lightweight, wide-mouth plastic cups & jars, and metal cans. The Wave Seal absorbs vacuum forces created upon cooling after hot-filling sterilization and eliminates collapsing walls and enables up to 50% packaging material reduction.

CleanPouch Aseptic Spouted Pouch System 

CleanPouch Aseptic Spouted Pouch

The Scholle IPN CleanPouch Aseptic Spouted Pouch System is a pre-made, aseptic spouted pouch system. The system provides clean-label marketing and formulation, with aseptic functionality and economics in the on-the-go pouch format. It is made possible by creative engineering of the pouch’s cap, with an integrated “plug” that is kept in place throughout sterilization; the plug is removed during the actual filling process, then placed back on the spout in a hermetically-sealed position and locks in place with the cap at the end of the filling line.

Danoninho para Levar 

KitKat Celebreak Box

Danone Brazil developed Danoninho para Levar to give children a healthy snack option in a convenient package that is easy for them to use. As Brazil’s first and only petit-suisse stand-up pouch for fresh dairy packaging, the design represents a direct innovation for the fresh dairy product category. The packaging also enables the product to stay unrefrigerated for up to five hours without spoilage, making it a practical lunchbox option.

KitKat Celebreak Box 

The KitKat Celebreak box from CBA B+G takes the iconic snap of a KitKat bar and creatively integrates it into the packaging design, giving consumers the added experience of snapping the KitKat-shaped package open to get to the chocolate inside.

Mix On Command (MOC) Shaker Bag 

Mix On Command

Mix On Command (MOC) Shaker Bag from JPro Dairy International, has a patented design that features a configuration and shape that omits a flat surface and lacks gussets at the bottom of the bag; this permits the fluid to filtrate and traverse around the product to avoid clumping and providing enhanced mixing. This product provides an exact single serving size, On-the-Go (Mix On Command) convenience, and an alternative to RTD products that require high temperature processing, preservatives additives and distribution costs. Product integrity, bioavailability, shelf life, light weight, lower distribution costs (no liquid) contribute towards product quality, reduced costs and product waste.

Speaking of the recognition for the Dow Packaging Silver Award 2018 for Innovation, Garry Johns, president, JPro Dairy International, said its patented Mix On Command (MOC) Shaker Bag has received huge interest from third party brands and has since expanded its MOC Nutrition line of Protein Shakes to include a Protein Pudding “Squeeze” product.

MOC Shaker Bag has now been evaluated by several large customers. The award has provided significant credence to our product for applications into the various nutrition and health markets​,” he added.

PaperBoat Thandai Retortable Profile Pouch 

Paper Boat Thandai

The PaperBoat Thandai pack by Huhtamaki PPL. is a retortable shaped pouch that helps preserve Thandai, an ethnic Indian beverage and offer consumers a ready-to-drink alternative, without the hassle of going through its traditional preparation. The pack provides improved retail shelf appeal with its pear-shaped profile, paper look and feel along with vibrant graphics. Compared to rigids, it offers space savings during storage while ensuring reduced damage and breakage in transit. Overall, it ensures an enhanced consumer experience with its light-weighted convenience, nostalgia-inducing graphics and reclose utility.

PushPop Technology 

Mentos Pure Fresh Gum Wallet packaged with Amcor Flexibles’ PushPop technology and Velcro Brand Press-LOK closure ensures chewing gum is securely and easily sealed in its diminutive pouch. When confectioner Perfetti van Melle decided to explore a new design to complement its standard plastic Mentos-brand gum bottle, it turned to Amcor.

Push Pop Technology

In search of another option for consumers, Perfetti van Melle challenged Amcor’s Flexibles R&D team to help them create a flat, pocket-friendly pack that ensured consumers could enjoy Mentos’ freshness, anytime. To execute this vision, Amcor worked with a collaborative team that included a vertical form/fill/seal machine builder and Velcro. The result is a category-disrupting package that delivers a unique experience for the consumer and manufacturing efficiencies for Perfetti van Melle.

The partnership between Amcor and Perfetti van Melle is driven by the mutual desire to be innovative, and resulted in a product that can be produced and transported efficiently, while delivering convenience and value for the consumer.

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