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Sit back, relax, and read all about the big beverage world. pic:getty/romolotavini
Sit back, relax, and read all about the big beverage world. pic:getty/romolotavini
Every year BeverageDaily runs a series of special edition newsletters – each putting the spotlight on an innovative industry sector – and here are our 2019 subjects.

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How will industry 4.0 continue to shape our factories? How is the industry responding to sugar taxes? Which functional claims are consumers most interested in when it comes to beverages? And how is the rise of craft beer being mirrored in the spirits category?

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Beverage processing and packaging innovation

15 February 2019

Industry 4.0 is here: with increased automation and the growing importance of data and connectivity. Operational efficiency continues to be a key concern for manufacturers, as is agility in production.

Packaging is evolving: with advances in technology brands are turning to QR codes, NFC tags and RFID. Meanwhile, sustainability is a growing concern: with a focus on light-weighting, new eco-friendly materials and recyclability.

Sugar reduction

24 May 2019

Health and wellness is at the forefront of consumers’ minds, and sugar gets plenty of bad press. The obesity endemic is as big a concern as ever, and soft drinks are in the firing line.

What is the industry doing to reduce calories? How are market leaders reformulating and revamping their portfolios; and what healthier brands are appearing?

From alternative sweeteners to packaging sizes, we look at what the industry is doing to cut calories – and how well these are working.

Meanwhile, sugar taxes continue to hit the headlines as governments seek to tackle the obesity crisis.  

Functional and fortified beverages

20 September 2019

Once, beverages were simply about hydration. Now, people are clued up to the concept of healthy hydration while also asking what additional benefits their drinks can provide.

Rich with innovation, the functional beverage category is full of exciting developments and new ideas. But how much weight do functional claims carry – and which ones are consumers most interested in?

This special edition will put the spotlight on ingredients, claims and regulations, market size and the opportunities and challenges for functional beverages.

Brau Beviale pre-show

1 November 2019

In November Brau Beviale will once again shine the spotlight across the whole process chain of beverage production: high-quality raw materials, technologies, logistics, marketing and much more.

Held in Nuremberg, Germany, the beverage trade show attracts some 38,000 visitors and 1,100 exhibitors: covering beer, water, non-alcoholic drinks, spirits, wine, sparkling wine and liquid dairy products.


6 December 2019

From big global brands to small craft companies, the spirits sector is full of innovation. Premiumization is a key trend for the category; while the concept of spirits tourism – particularly in the thriving whisk(e)y and gin categories – is rising in importance.

We take a look at what’s shaping the spirits sector - both today and in the years to come.

BeverageDaily: at-a-glance

BeverageDaily has changed its publishing schedule slightly this year to increase our focus on in-depth, feature articles.

We publish three newsletters every week to round up what’s happening in the industry: from breaking news to trends and events.

Meanwhile, our Editor’s Spotlight newsletter is published two times a week. This newsletter features an in-depth article on an area we’ve found particularly interesting in the beverage industry: whether this is zoning in on a macro trend or putting the spotlight on lesser-known innovations or ideas.

Topics to date have included the latest in Australian wine research​, the role of brand ambassadors​ in Asia's growing spirits market, the importance of water stewardship​, Vietnam's craft beer​ sector, the growth of alkaline water​, and much more. 

We also publish a beer supplement on the last Friday of the month (or you can keep up with everything that’s brewing via the dedicated section​ on our website).

And our special edition newsletters – published five times a year and outlined above – feature a host of articles on a given subject area.

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