What's hitting the shelves? New product launches: October

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Reliquum plum, a new gin, uses unwanted fruit.
Reliquum plum, a new gin, uses unwanted fruit.

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In the northern hemisphere beverage launches take on an autumnal theme - take for example Cinnamon Coke or Bacardi Ginger - while in the southern hemisphere non-alcoholic Heineken 0.0 launches in Australia ready for the summer. We take a look at some of the new products hitting the shelves around the globe this month.

Sparkling Ice Caffeine


Sparkling Ice has launched its first line of caffeinated products at the 2018 National Association of Convenience Stores Show (NACS) in Las Vegas this month.

The Talking Rain Beverage Company brand has launched five flavors in the range: Black Raspberry, Blue Raspberry, Triple Citrus, Strawberry Citrus and Orange Passionfruit.

Chris Hall, CEO of Talking Rain Beverage Co, said: "Since we're seeing a surge of consumer demand for caffeinated products in the industry, we wanted to leverage our expertise for making zero-calorie sparkling waters that consumers love with an added boost of caffeine.”

Sparkling Ice +Caffeine contains 70mg of caffeine, zero sugar, zero calories, antioxidants and vitamins, and is packaged in cans. It retails at $1.89 per can and will start rolling out to retailers nationwide in January 2019.

Bacardi Ginger

Bacardi has launched Bacardi Ginger – ‘a golden rum infused with ginger flavors for a mouth-watering sweet and spicy taste’ – in the UK.

bacardi ginger

Bacardi says flavored spirits are set to be ‘the next big trend to hit the rum category’, thanks in part to the recent rise in popularity for pink and flavored gins.

Sarah Doyle, vice president, Europe, for Bacardi rum, said: “Bacardi Ginger offers a high-quality flavored rum offering for spirits drinkers who are excited by innovative new tastes and experiences.

“There is a real opportunity within the golden rum segment, which is growing faster than white, dark or spiced rums.

“We know that spirits drinkers are looking to experiment with new and interesting flavours and we have introduced Bacardi Ginger as a response to this demand.”

Bacardi Ginger is available at major retailers in the UK with a RRP of £16.99.

Suntory's Otona Dakara


Suntory Beverage & Food Limited has launched Suntory - Otona Dakara​, a lemon flavored FUSHU beverage that 'helps reduce body fat' - in Japan. 

Suntory says the FOSHU (Food for Specified Health Uses) and functional-claim food market has grown significantly since the 2013 debut of Suntory Green Tea Iyemon Tokucha: ​the first FOSHU beverage to focus on the ‘breakdown of fat’ to ‘help reduce body fat’.

Like the green tea, Otona Dakara contains quercetin glucoside to act on fat stored in the body.

“We created a beverage that not only has the effect of “helping reduce body fat” through the action of quercetin glucoside which activate lipolytic enzymes but also has a refreshing lemon flavor and pleasant sweetness that offer an invigorating boost the moment you drink it,”​ says Suntory.

The product is packaged in a 350ml PET bottle.

fairlife snack beverages

fairlife has launched 'fairlife smart snacks', a collection of snack sized beverages to curb hunger between meals in the US.

fairlife trio

The beverages are made with fairlife's ultra-filtered milk: which has been cold-filtered to remove lactose while delivering 50% more protein and 50% less sugar than regular milk. 

The beverages blend milk with honey for sweetness, oats for a rich creamy texture, and strawberries, cocoa and vanilla for flavor.

Each of the flavors (rich chocolate; French vanilla; and creamy strawberry) offer 15g protein and 5g dietary fiber in an 8oz bottle, along with 40% of the recommended daily value of calcium. There are no artificial preservatives, colors or flavors; and the drinks contain prebiotics. 

fairlife smart snacks are available in select Wal-Mart stores,  Amazon.com, and select stores nationwide. The suggested retail price is $2.29 for a single serve eight-ounce bottle and $24.99 for a multipack of 12. 

In partnership with The Coca-Cola Company, fairlife ultra-filtered milk and Core Power high protein shakes are distributed throughout the US and Canada; all other fairlife drinks are available nationwide in the US.

Infused soda

Franklin & Sons, a premium soft drink, tonic and mixer brand, has launched a range of premium non-alcoholic ‘Infused Sodas’.

Franklin & Sons new Infused Soda

The new range has three flavors: Fragrant Guava & Persian Lime with Root Ginger; Exotic Pineapple & Aromatic Cardamom with Cracked Cubeb Pepper; and Succulent Pomegranate & Floral Hibiscus with Delicate Rose.

The sodas seek to offer the same taste and flavor profiles of a cocktail, served chilled over ice in a tall wine glass or garnished with fresh fruit, but without the alcohol content.

Jen Draper, Head of Marketing at Franklin & Sons, said, “We know that mindful drinking has become increasingly popular over the last year, but there are still very few options for those who want the premium, alcohol-free experience either in bar or at home. Why should non-drinkers miss out on a beautifully garnished, complex drink with exciting and interesting flavours?

“We have created the Franklin & Sons Infused Sodas to tap into the rising trend of non-drinkers and those looking to cut down or moderate their alcohol intake, especially true in the run up to and around Christmas.

"The three flavours are complex enough to suit refined palates, ensuring they provide the taste experience that discerning cocktail consumers demand. The sodas take the sophistication of cocktail flavours & encapsulate them in a premium, natural soft drink.”

Available in the UK in Tesco, the drinks are sugar tax exempt with 4.2g sugar per 100ml, and contain 49 calories per 275ml bottle.

Heineken 0.0 hits Australia

Heineken has rolled out its non-alcoholic lager Heineken 0.0 to Australia this month.

Heineken Zero 24x330mL Bottle Carton Sku

Heineken says the launch capitalises on shifting consumer demand and reflects a global desire for alcohol-free beer options among those who are looking to moderate consumption.

Heineken 0.0 was launched globally in 2017 and is available in 38 countries around the world.

The brand says it can alter pre-conceived notions of the non-alcoholic beverage category with its beer and will educate consumers on occasions in which to enjoy the product. This will form a major part of Heineken’s strategy to enable the brand to access more drinkers in more occasions.

Willem van Waesberghe, Global Craft and Brew Master at Heineken, said; “Removing alcohol from regular 5% Heineken would have been easy, but it wouldn’t deliver the best tasting non-alcoholic beer. Heineken 0.0 is brewed from scratch and has a perfectly balanced taste with refreshing fruity notes and soft malty body.”

Damian Dabkowski, Country Manager Heineken Australia, said; “Heineken 0.0 has been a huge success globally, by fulfilling a need for consumers, and we expect this to be replicated in the Australian market driven by great innovation on taste. The alcohol-free beer segment is in its infancy in Australia. Our ambition is to lead the category development here, with a premium proposition from a brand consumers are proud to be seen with.”

Heineken contains 69 calories per 330ml bottle. It is available for purchase in BWS and Dan Murphy’s nationwide in 330ml bottle six and 24 packs.

Nescafé's coffee creations


Nescafé has launched two new RTD coffee-based products in the US this month: Nescafé Cold Whipped Lattes and Nescafé Coffee Protein Smoothies.

Nescafé Cold Whipped Latte introduces texture as a 'third dimension to the indulgent coffee category: with layers of barista-inspired froth and foam. It is available in single serve 10oz bottles in Coffee or French Vanilla flavors. 

Meanwhile, Coffee Protein Smoothies are plant-based beverages made with Colombian Arabica coffee, oats and almond butter; containing 15g of plant protein. "These smoothies provide fulfilling and convenient nutrition that gets you going in the morning"​ says the brand. It is available in single serve 11oz bottles in Banana or Mocha flavors. 

‘Spice up your life’ - Coca-Cola cinnamon


Coca-Cola Great Britain has launched Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Cinnamon in the UK as a limited edition flavor.

“Launched in response to the general public’s love of the flavour, the new addition to the Coca-Cola family is bursting full of warming flavours and is guaranteed to get you into the festive spirit as we head into the Christmas season,”​ says Coca-Cola.

Coca-Cola Zero Sugar Cinnamon is available in 500ml and 1.25l bottles until the end of the year. 

US whiskeys make European debut

Kentucky-based Limestone Branch Distillery has launched its Yellowstone Select Bourbon and Minor Case Rye Whiskey in the European on-trade and premium retailers this month, eyeing up a European boom in American whiskey. 


Named after the Yellowstone National Park, Yellowstone Select Bourbon is a small batch of four and seven-year aged straight Kentucky bourbon whiskey made with locally grown white corn, rye, malt and limestone water. First produced by Master Distiller, Steve Beam’s ancestors in 1872, Yellowstone was Kentucky’s biggest selling bourbon in the 1960s. The original family recipe was resurrected in 2010 with the first barrel filled in 2015. 

Minor Case is a two-year old straight rye whiskey distilled using 100% American heartland grains and finished in a sherry cask.

Steve Beam, President and Distiller, Limestone Branch Distillery, says: “Across Europe there is a huge demand right now for authentic bourbon and rye whiskeys, from both the on-trade and also specialist whiskey retailers. 

“Bourbon and Rye whiskeys offer an ideal entry to the category and the increasing popularity of classic American whiskey-based cocktails such as the Old Fashioned, Whiskey Sour and the Manhattan, are further fuelling demand.” 

Gin from unwanted fruit and veg

Reliquum London Dry Gin has been launched in the UK: using an eau de vie made from apples grown in the farm's orchards which would have otherwise gone to waste. 

The botanicals used include Calamondin - an unusual citrus fruit which is also grown on the farm. The result is an 'exceptionally smooth citrusy gin mellowed with the floral sweetness of apple'. 


Third generation Essex farmer and fruit grower, Pete Thompson, was looking for new uses for fruit which doesn't make the grade required by retailers. The gin is made in partnership with Master Distiller, Dr John Walters from the English Spirit Distillery.

The Reliquum range also includes Reliquum Plum and Reliquum Apricot. The name Reliquum comes from Latin and means 'all that remains', and products are available online and from Essex bars and restaurants. 

The launch of Reliquum follows the autumn 2017 launch of Cotchel juice: which uses unwanted apples and pears. 

Coca-Cola coconut water


Coca-Cola Brazil has launched a line of Del Valle coconut water-juice blends and extended its Frut range.

The Agua de Coco coconut water-juice blends come in three 200ml carton variants – coconut, mango and passionfruit.

Meanwhile, the Frut juice line has been extended to include a total of five flavors – grape, orange, peach, mango and guava – all with reduced sugar content in smaller 1L bottles. A cashew variant is set to launch in January next year as a regional specialty in the northeast of the country.

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