Vermont Village turns to matcha in new line of functional vinegars

By Beth Newhart

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A Daily Detox flavor with activated charcoal and a Beauty Boost flavor with collagen will launch in the fall
A Daily Detox flavor with activated charcoal and a Beauty Boost flavor with collagen will launch in the fall

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US company Vermont Village has launched Green Energy, a green tea made with raw and organic apple cider vinegar, organic honey and organic matcha.

The Vermont-based brand already sells a range of apple cider vinegars, apple butters and applesauces.

Green Energy launched in June and can be mixed into hot or iced teas, fruit smoothies or water. It contains “moderate levels of caffeine for a boost of energy, as well as L-theanine, an amino acid that helps promote a sense of calm,”​ according to Vermont Village.

It also plans to launch a Daily Detox flavor with activated charcoal and a Beauty Boost flavor with collagen in the fall, as well as low-sugar varieties.

Healthy and functional

The brand is already well-entrenched in the usage trends of apple cider vinegar and wanted to branch out beyond its current products. It believes that combining the benefits of apple cider vinegar with the ‘energizing effects’ of matcha will be a big hit with women ages 25-45 who live healthy lifestyles.

“We’ve found that this demographic really resonated with our brand and our new functional sipping vinegar doubles down on that demographic with more premium looking packaging,”​ Andrew Lawrence, brand manager at Vermont Village, told BeverageDaily.

Apple cider vinegar is a versatile product used in salad dressings, marinades, vinaigrettes, food preservatives and other recipes; and can also be mixed into beverages like water and juice. 

The matcha is a key ingredient and gives the vinegar an earthy taste, rounded out by the sweetness of the honey and the sourness of the apple cider vinegar. Vermont Village already sells flavored vinegars, includes favorites like Cranberries & Honey and Ginger & Honey.

“When selecting ingredients for our new functional vinegar, we thought of green tea and its many positive attributes such as boosting metabolism and detoxifying the body. We found that adding matcha to our vinegar results in a tasteful combination. The apple cider vinegar and matcha duo is refreshing and versatile for those on-the-go,”​ Lawrence said.

Matcha originates from China and is a powder of ground processed tea leaves. Its use and popularity have exploded in the US in the past few years for its unique taste and 'superfood' status.

It tends to settle in drinks over time, which Vermont Village plans to incorporate in its marketing strategy.

“We’re promoting a ‘shake it up’ campaign to educate customers to shake the vinegar and re-homogenize it,”​ Lawrence said.

Vermont Village is a cooperative-turned-company that got started by producing organic applesauce before expanding its line of vinegar-based beverages and products.

The new flavors will be sold in 8oz bottles on the Vermont Village website and on Amazon and will also launch in pouches in the fall.

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