What’s hitting the shelves? New products: December

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What’s hitting the shelves? New products: December 2017

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From protein water to premium whiskey, we take a look at some of the new products hitting the shelves around the globe.

Brewers and pharmaceutical scientists create honey beer

A 4% ABV honey beer brewed with botanicals has been created by Bridgend’s Bang-On Brewery in Wales, in collaboration with scientists at Cardiff University’s School of Pharmacy and Pharmaceutical Sciences. 

Mêl - which means ‘honey’ in Welsh - uses honey from the School’s Pharmabees project, which has placed hives across Cardiff in a quest to find a therapeutic honey to rival New Zealand’s Manuka variety. 

The Pharmabees team have been working towards producing a ‘super honey’ that combines science with nature: using scientific methods to identify which flora provide the best natural botanicals that can have a positive effect when consumed.

Meanwhile, 50 varieties of hops have also been tested to assess the antibacterial activity against human pathogens.

Craig Jackson of Bang-On Brewery said: “We are not making health claims about the beer. It’s simply about producing a great taste, but we hope the collaborative project may well evolve into something that could change the culture of how beer is consumed in the longer term.”

The beer (pictured above) costs £3.80 and is sold direct from the brewery.

Caffeinated protein water


BiPro has introduced a caffeinated protein water, with one bottle of the orange-flavored drink containing 100 milligrams of caffeine (around the same as an eight ounce cup of coffee) and 20g of protein. 

“Protein water is a very new product category and caffeinated protein water is extremely rare,”​ said Polly Olson, vice president of sales, marketing and new business development.

“We’re excited to bring this unique product to the market and help people power through their days with clean protein and natural caffeine.”

The drink is made from six natural ingredients, with caffeine sourced from guarana. It contains 90 calories per bottle with no sugar, fat or carbohydrates. 

The orange flavour joins lemon, berry and peach flavours in the portfolio. 

Sparkling probiotic beverages


Farmhouse Culture - known for kraut, fermented veggies and gut shots - is launching Gut Punch, a sparkling probiotic beverage, made with a fermented beet base and infused with fruit essences and Ganeden’s BC 30 probiotic. 

The beverages are available in the US at Whole Foods and other natural retailers, with each bottle containing 20 calories per 8oz serving, and no added sugar. The line comes in five flavors: Mango Guava, Ginger Lemon, Cola, Strawberry Hibiscus, and Cherry Cacao.

Appealing to active Australians

pump electrolytes

Coca-Cola bottled water brand PUMP has launched ‘PUMP+ natural electrolytes’ in Australia this month, made from spring water, natural electrolytes from coconut water and natural lime flavour. 

Livia De Salvo, Marketing Manager PUMP said: “PUMP+ natural electrolytes ​is a natural extension for the PUMP brand, and will appeal to all Australians who lead on-the-go lifestyles.

"In a first for PUMP, we have created a distinctive new bottle and packaging for PUMP+ natural electrolyte​s to elevate our active credentials.”

PUMP+ natural electrolytes is available in 600ml pop-top PET bottles nationwide.

Dairy-free sweeteners

java sweetener

Javamelts - individually wrapped, dairy-free flavoured sweeteners for tea and coffee - have been released in the US this month. 

Javamelts are made with 5g of real sugar and are 20 calories each, with a shelf life of up to a year without refrigeration. They come in four flavors: hazelnut, french vanilla, mocha and caramel. 

Vita Coco Light

vita coco

Vita Coco has added a Light line to its portfolio, which it says is one of the lowest-calorie dairy-free milks on the market in the UK. 

Available at Sainsbury’s, Whole Foods Market and Ocado, it is a blend of coconut water and coconut cream, providing 1% fat and 20 calories per 100ml. 

As well as appealing to those who seek out reduced calorie products, the product will also appeal to those who like a milder coconut taste, according to the brand.

Protein water

Trimino Brands has added three new flavours to its protein infused water line trimino: citrus; orchard; and raspberry limeade.

The natural flavours have been launched this month and will be available in supermarkets Big Y, Stop and Shop and Shaw’s. 

trimino drinks contain seven grams of whey protein isolate, B vitamins, essential amino acids, and is sweetened by stevia. 

Premium Irish whiskey

The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey

Premium spirits producer Proximo is launching The Sexton Single Malt Irish Whiskey in the US, ‘a testament to the exponential growth in the Irish whiskey category experienced in America in recent years’.

The term ‘Sexton’ is derived from the Medieval Latin word – sacristanus – meaning custodian of sacred objects

The whiskey is “consciously aged for four years in former Sherry butts to achieve a depth of flavour from the wine-soaked barrel that surpasses its years. Unexpected for a young single malt, The Sexton offers a perfect balance of rich, dried fruits and subtle oak notes, with a smooth finish that leaves you wanting more.”

Rooster Rojo premium tequila


Amber Beverage Group has launched Rooster Rojo, a premium blue agave tequila produced and distilled in Tequila, Mexico.

Rooster Rojo became commercially available in the US on Dec. 1, 2017 — a delayed release date due to the series of destructive natural disasters in the Americas region. The brand is named after the rooster that dwells in the Tequila volcano, the company added.

The newly-launched tequila brand is packaged in a thin glass bottle with a texture resembling a handmade bottle, unlike robust, thicker glass bottles which are more common in the tequila category.

The production process begins with sourcing 100% Blue Weber agave. Cooking takes place in the autoclaves with the help of steam, which lasts for 10 hours. Then a proprietary blend of yeast is added to the agave juices. After the mixture ferments for up to 72 hours before the liquid can be distilled in stainless steel pot stills.

The water used for Rooster Rojo tequila blending is filtered through Mexican silver, resulting in a softer and smoother finish compared to similar tequila brands on the market, the company said. 

three vodka

Dutch vodka

New York spirits company, 3 Kilos Vodka, has launched Dutch, ultra-premium 3 Kilos Vodka Gold 999.9 in the US.

The spirit is created and bottled in Schiedam, Holland, where it is fermented and purified by the centuries-old five column distillation process, resulting in “a gentle palate with hints of grapefruit, vanilla and almond, followed by a crisp mineral finish.”

The gold bullion shaped bottle (available in 750ml and 1L) represents America’s historic opening of the US Bullion Depository at Fort Knox, in 1937.

The vodka is available in New York, New Jersey, Florida, Michigan, Tennessee, Indiana, California, Illinois and Georgia. 2018 will bring brand extensions such as gluten-free and a variety using fresh coconuts.

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