Video: Meet the wine bloggers, Vinisud 2016

'Wine bloggers tell the story': How bloggers provide a link between industry and consumers

By Rachel Arthur

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Wine online: Bloggers have an impressive reach. Pic:iStock/Shippee
Wine online: Bloggers have an impressive reach. Pic:iStock/Shippee

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Today there’s a vast online community of wine bloggers - but what exactly do they contribute to the wine industry?

Bloggers Denise Medrano and Michelle Williams say they help tell the story behind the wines, and provide a crucial link between the industry and consumers.

They help consumers find new wines – and wine brands find new consumers. You can hear their thoughts in the video below.  

Medrano and Williams spoke to BeverageDaily at Mediterranean wine show Vinisud, which was held in Montpellier in the south of France this month.

Helping consumers find new wines…

For Medrano, the wine aficionado behind​, bloggers offer a different side to the wine industry. It’s not a technical side, not a corporate side, but the side of a real person.

Medrano is an American living in London, and has been blogging for eight years. Her background includes a sommelier course in Buenos Aires, a job in wine retail, and studies at the Wine and Spirit Educational Trust.

Wine makers

“They’ve given up careers as doctors and lawyers and corporate drones and they go and make something amazing."

For her, the joy in blogging is being able to meet people and share in their passion for the industry.

“The most important part of the wine - not only that it’s good - is the story, the passion these people have,” ​she said. 

“They’ve given up careers as doctors and lawyers and corporate drones and who knows what and they go and find family vineyards and make something amazing.

“Wine bloggers tell the story, that’s what’s really important, and that’s what people want.”

The sheer volume of wine bloggers also gives a platform for a huge variety of wines. Consumers can find a blogger they like and share a similar taste with, and then follow their recommendations, she said.

…And helping wines find new consumers

Michelle Williams is behind​. Her site offers not only food pairings and tasting notes, but also matches a song to every wine she writes about.  

Consumers don’t need help finding new wines;  but wineries need help finding new consumers, she said.

“Bloggers – at least in the US – have a large footprint, there’s a lot of interaction going on, people listen to them, they follow them, they take into account the advice they give,”​ she said.

While it may take bloggers a time to establish their presence, once they do, their influence is significant. They talk to consumers through their blog but also have an impressive reach and following on social media.

Williams’ blog began thanks to her active participation on Twitter, when she realized that wine had a strong social element and always has a story to tell. Her expertise comes from years of self-study, and a personal passion for wine.

Williams acknowledges the enviable parts of being a wine blogger – drinking wine and visiting new places – but like Medrano says the privilege of meeting passionate wine makers is hard to beat.

“Sharing the story of the winery and the wine maker with my readers – that’s the part I love the most,” ​she said. 

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