Powdered alcohol faces U.S. prohibition calls in consumer poll

By Oliver Nieburg

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Consumers support U.S. state ban on powdered alcohol, finds poll
Consumers support U.S. state ban on powdered alcohol, finds poll

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A national poll by has found over half of U.S. consumers favor a ban on powdered alcohol on concerns it promotes underage drinking, but the manufacturers say it’s safer than liquid alcohol.

The University of Michigan C.S. Mott Children's Hospital’s National Poll on Children’s Health surveyed 1,982 adults in May 2015 across U.S. states on powdered alcohol.

Powdered alcohol was only recently approved for U.S. sale by the Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau (TTB), but has already been banned in Louisiana, South Carolina and Vermont,

The powdered alcohol packets come in flavors of distilled spirits such as rum and vodka and are mixed with 200 ml of water for instant cocktails.

Palcohol brand owner Lipsmark says powdered alcohol is intended as a convenience product for adults taking long hikes, but some consumers are worried the concept entices younger consumers.

Poll supports federal ban

Sixty per cent of those polled supported an outright ban on powdered alcohol in their state, while 84% favored prohibiting online sales of the product. Eighty-five per cent also backed placing restrictions on powdered alcohol marketing on social networks.

“In the U.S., parents, communities, and healthcare providers already face serious challenges with underage alcohol abuse and its harmful effects on children’s health. This poll indicates common concern among our communities over potential abuse and misuse of powdered alcohol as well as the product’s potential to exacerbate the problem of underage drinking,”​ says. Matthew M. Davis, M.D., M.A.P.P., director of the National Poll on Children’s Health and professor of pediatrics and internal medicine in the Child Health Evaluation and Research Unit at the U-M Medical School.

State Senator Rick Jones has proposed a ban in Michigan that passed the Senate unanimously and is now being considered by the Committee on Regulatory Reform.

Palcohol maker fights back

Photo Credit: Lipsmark

Lipsmark hopes to launch its powdered alcohol brand Palcohol this summer and worries state bans and a possible federal ban will prevent responsible adults from enjoying the product.

“Even though all of these individuals and businesses want Palcohol, the legislators are telling them they can’t have a legal product, basically saying they know what’s better than the people themselves. Whether you are conservative or liberal, no one wants a nanny government telling its citizens what they can and cannot drink,”​ it writes on its website.

It adds that powdered alcohol is four times the price of liquid alcohol, which limits its appeal among kids.

“…Why isn’t a move made to ban liquid alcohol also…..a product abused by millions of people causing the death of tens of thousands of people each year. Liquid alcohol is a bigger threat to public health than Palcohol will ever be,”​ it says.

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Powered Danger

Posted by Ray Johnson,

OMG. We better ban Comet Cleaner. What if someone misuses the product?

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Killing Young Generation by Powder Alcohol ?

Posted by Shashikant Phal & Family,

We all Human's? should ban Powder Alcohol manufacturing all over world to save life of coming generation ?
LIONS CLUB INTERNATIONAL Member for more than 35 year's in India Mumbai-Ambernath Lion Shashikant Ganpatrao Phal-Desai GOA & Karwar Family

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Powdered Joke

Posted by Robertlb,

I personally consider powdered alcohol to be a joke because it isn't really alcohol that has been turned into a powder. All it really is a different packaging system. A 200 ml bottle is great for camping and cheaper, so why do we really this new delivery system? If they can come up with actual powdered alcohol, I can see a great application for that, but adding alcohol to another medium isn't powdered unless it's 100% dry. Go back to the drawing board on this one. Oh, I don't favor this because some fool will pour this high proof pouch into their mouth. You can bet there is higher than 100 proof spirits in those pouches or they would be a waste of time. Anything over 100 proof can kill a person, so I am not a fan of this marketing ploy of powdered alcohol.

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