Clear Coffee targets health conscious consumers – and their teeth

By Rachel Arthur

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It should be clear which one is Clear Coffee
It should be clear which one is Clear Coffee

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A Slovakian entrepreneur has developed Clear Coffee, a transparent coffee designed to appeal to health conscious consumers – in particular those who want to keep their teeth white. 

The coffee is made of coffee beans and clear water, and is consumed as a cold drink, packaged in 200ml PET bottles.

The drink is designed to have the taste and stimulating effects of coffee, but without the same effect on teeth as the traditional variety.  

David Nagy

‘A modern beverage’

David Nagy, the entrepreneur behind the brand, told the beverage meets ‘all the criteria of a modern beverage.’​  It is made without preservatives, artificial flavours, stabilizers, sugar or sweeteners; and contains 2 calories per 200ml.

“It has definitely coffee flavour, which is however hard to compare to existing kinds of coffee,” ​he said. “We try to make people discover the coffee flavor in our beverage - that is why we do not add sugar or sweeteners into it.”

The brand uses new technology to produce the drink. It is made from coffee beans and clean water, and adds natural caffeine (caffeine from beans is lost during processing, and so adding caffeine controls the levels accurately, said Nagy).

The idea of clear coffee originated in the summer of 2013. Nagy hopes to launch his product in August this year.

“Before starting to work on Clear Coffee I did not have any experience in beverage or food industry,” ​said Nagy.

“I spent a lot of time “studying coffee” – learning about growing and cultivation, processing and the different ways of preparing coffee drinks. That helped me to learn about tastes, flavours and aromas.

“I have improved in many aspects as far as food industry is concerned.However, I cannot be considered an expert and I am aware that there are still many things to learn.”

Clear Coffee is ready for production: however, the brand is in the process of getting approval from Slovakian authorities and needs to obtain financial support via crowdfunding.

“After gathering the needed financial background, I think we will be able to start with the production six weeks after,” ​he said. 

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