Fowler Products launches inspection/rejection system for capping applications

By Jenny Eagle

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Fowler Products inspection/rejection system for caps
Fowler Products, powered by Pro Mach has launched a high speed inspection/rejection system for capping applications which can cap and inspect more than 900 bottles per minute.

The Fowler system rejects bottles for improper torque, missing cap, high cap, and/or cocked cap. The system also rejects bottles if the under-cap liners are missing.

Bottles failing inspection are shunted off to a reject lane before they leave the capping machine.

Because the system is integral to the capping machine, we can absolutely assure customers  the proper bottle has been rejected​,” said Randy Uebler, VP/general anager, Fowler.

The bottle identified as failing one or more quality conditions remains in positive control all the way from its station within the machine to the reject lane​.”

Using failsafe logic, all bottles are tagged as “faulty” entering the machine and each inspection criteria must be satisfied as “good” before the system will allow a bottle to be discharged from the machine to the next downstream operation.

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