One week to go: FoodNavigator’s Sugar Debate separates the fact from the fiction

The Sugar Debate: Separating Fact from Fiction

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Sugar has been linked to everything from heart disease to obesity and cancers in recent months. But is it as bad as all that? Our free-to-attend debate aims to tackle the key questions in the sugar debate. Have you registered yet?

On Monday March 31st FoodNavigator will explore some of the most topical questions about sugar, as part of our roundtable debate on suagr. Joining FoodNavigator editor Caroline Scott-Thomas will be four leading experts on sugar to discuss:

  • Does sugar have a special role in the obesity epidemic?
  • Is sugar really addictive?
  • Has ‘low-fat’ dietary advice spurred higher intake of sugars?
  • Is it ever sensible to focus on one dietary component when it comes to health?

The free-to-attend roundtable debate​, FoodNavigator brings together global experts on the issue, to better understand whether sugar can, or should, play a role in a healthy diet.

We will also explore the nitty-gritty of fructose metabolism, whether removing sugar from foods could lead to unintended dietary consequences, and what the food industry is doing in light of recent research about sugars. Click here to register now.


FoodNavigator has gathered together four of the world's most renowned experts in sugar and metabolism to separate the fact from the fiction.


Robert Lustig
Paediatric endocrinologist
University of California San Francisco (UCSF)

John Sievenpiper

John L. Sievenpiper
Resident physician, medical biochemistry
McMaster University

Graham MacGregor

Graham MacGregor
Professor of cardiovascular medicine
Wolfson Institute of Preventive Medicine

Luc Tappy

Luc Tappy
Professor of physiology
University of Lausanne

Click here to register and listen for free​.

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