Dr Pepper extends TEN calorie crusade in ‘uncharted’ US soda space


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Will Dr Pepper's TEN calorie crusade really catch on?
Will Dr Pepper's TEN calorie crusade really catch on?
Dr Pepper Snapple (DPS) is extending its TEN soda platform by introducing low calorie versions of five of its top soft drinks brands this month, and insists that Dr Pepper TEN is sustaining strong trial and repeat purchase rates.

The brands in question are 7UP TEN, A&W TEN, Root Beer, Sunkist, TEN Orange Soda, Canada Dry TEN, Ginger Ale and RC TEN Cola.

BeverageDaily.com first noticed the new products at InterBev, Las Vegas, in October, and DPS said its TEN platform gave it “clear ownership of a previously uncharted space in the US soft drink category”.

“Low calorie soda, which are neither traditional diet soft drinks nor considered ‘mid calorie’ offerings,” ​the company added.

Strong repeat purchase rates

DPS said it was targeting consumers aged 25-39 who enjoyed regular soda but had cut back on consumption because they were watching calories.

The sodas use both caloric and non-caloric sweeteners – high fructose corn syrup, aspartame, acesulfame potassium, to deliver 10 calories per 12oz (354ml) serving.

The new low calorie launches follow Dr Pepper TEN, introduced in October 2011; DPS said this product was enjoying strong trial and repeat purchase rates.

However, it is worth noting that, during an investor call in October, DPS CEO Larry Young was forced to defend the TEN platform to Wall Street analysts.

In Q3 2012 regular Dr Pepper sales fell by 1%, with declines only partly offset by growth in Dr Pepper TEN and the firm’s fountain business.

Hitting sweet spot?

Young told analyst Judy Hong, Goldman Sachs, who asked about flag brand cannibalization during the October call, that he was “still very positive on Dr Pepper TEN. It’s a new brand. Launches take a long time. People have to have patience.”

But Mark Swarzberg from Stifel, Nicolaus & Co. said his data suggested that Dr Pepper TEN helped the overall Dr Pepper brand in late 2011 and early 2012, but “it’s not proving quite as beneficial as the year wears on”.

On Monday, Jim Tebilcock, executive vice president of marketing, DPS said: “We truly believe we’ve hit the sweet spot with our TEN products, providing both a fully satisfying flavour and low calories.

“This new platform gives shoppers a great tasting experience and a reason to visit the soda aisle and enjoy the brands they love more often," ​he added.

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Please save dr pepper 10 and other 10 cal. drinks like Canada dry 10.

Posted by Carl Hodges,

My name is Carl and I have some medical conditions that cause me savior dry mouth. Finding Dr. Pepper 10 was one of the best things that happen to me in a long time. About 5 years ago I moved close by a Winn Dixie in Inverness Fl. On Highland. My medical problems keeps me from driving, so I'm walking over to Winn Dixie when I need something, Its great. But lately I'm have get rides to other stores to get my Dr.pepper 10. The manager ( Matt ) teslls me that he can't get D P 10 no more but yet I see it at other stores. I normally buy it if I find it. I think if it is not selling its because people don't know about it. Every body I tell about it, say I never heard of this. Please tell me now that its not being closed out or where I can maybe order some. P S is there still R C 10? or Canada Dry 10?

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