SIPA shows its Genius for palletizing

By Rod Addy

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Beverage processors can dramatically speed up palletising operations with SIPA’s latest launch into the market.

The Genius PTF V, the latest in the company’s Genius range of palletisers, can palletise at speeds of up to 420 layers per hour, making it suitable for medium-speed and even some high speed lines.

Previously, SIPA had pursued moving pallet solutions with high level infeed for high speed operations. However, some manufacturers prefer a single storey, steady pallet configuration for its more compact design, higher cost-effectiveness and its improved operator-friendly features.

The downside is that these latter systems tend only to be able to handle speeds of up to 320 layers an hour.

Separate operations

SIPA’s Genius PTF V conducts two separate operations simultaneously rather than sequentially and slashes waiting time.

While the first platform of the machine is picking up and compacting a just-prepared layer of packs, the second platform is busy depositing the previous layer on the pallet, then returning for the new layer.

A new high-speed pad-placing device with layer separation pads runs 50% faster than previous versions. In addition, the machine offers the ability to eliminate lateral oscillations at high speeds by strengthening cross-sectional frames, as with older models.

Higher speed and efficiency

Other features include toothed belts instead of metal chains for higher speed and efficiency, lower maintenance and noise and the ability to upgrade it using different types of belt drives.

The Genius PTF V uses a halving platform/head suitable for pallet layers made up of shrink-wrap packs, cartons and plastic crates. The platform is in two halves that move apart once it is in position over the pallet, allowing the new layer to drop into position. It accepts pallets up to 1,200mm by 1,200mm.

“The concept behind the Genius PTF V is not new in itself,”​ said the SIPA filling lines sales manager, Federico Zannier. “But the speed at which we have got it to run at certainly is.”

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