Dania expands jumping bottle pourer concept

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Israeli firm Dania Plastic Parts is set to launch two new upgraded
versions of its Jumping Pourer concept at Interpack 2005.

Two new variants of the bottling innovation, which was the 2002 recipient of the World Star Award for packaging excellence at the international design packaging competition, have been developed.

The first, Jumping Pourer2, is a pourer that can be automatically inserted into bottles on the assembly line. Hidden under the bottle's cap, the pourer automatically jumps out into a pouring position through a spring mechanism, and easily retracts into the bottleneck when the cap closes the bottle, collecting the last drop of liquid and keeping the bottle clean.

Designed for cooking and consumption oils, vinaigrette, condiment sauces, wine and alcoholic beverages, cordial sweetening syrups and pharmaceuticals, it is based on a double pipe system that provides an effective flow control ensuring smooth and controlled pouring. In addition, the capability of re-capping the bottle prevents oil oxidation, alcohol vaporisation and loss of taste, in addition to keeping bottles microbe-free.

The roll-out of the concept reflects the growing importance of offering consumers added value. New innovative forms of packaging are one way that manufacturers can convey an image of both convenience and luxury to its target market.

Already used around the world, customers include Poland's Paola, Italy's Firenze Vetro, South Africa's So Go, Chile's Equipack, Sweden's Precis Vodka, and Israel's Zeita and Binyamina Distillers. Fitting all types of bottles and filling lines, this new version of Jumping Pourer can be tailored to manufacturers' specific requirements and bottling measurements.

On the other hand, Jumping Pourer3 promises to revolutionise the alcoholic beverage market. Fitted to automatic fast filling lines and featuring all of the advantages of Jumping Pourer2, Jumping Pourer3 is designed to go on step further by preventing product tampering and unauthorised refilling thanks to its unique, patented non-refillable design.

The company claims that Jumping Pourer3 cannot be extracted from the bottle, ensuring that the bottle can only be filled at the original filling line. In addition, the jumping mechanism offers drink brands with an added-value packaging feature. Diageo, Perno Ricard and Bacardi have expressed interest and are waiting for Jumping Pourer3's launch at Interpack 2005.

Dania​ says that the Jumping Pourer concept is both FDA and EEC approved, and has already proven that it plays a vital role in increasing sales. In 2003, Israel's Binyamina Distillers started incorporating it in its bottling process. By the end of the year, the company saw a 27 per cent increase in its alcoholic beverage sales.

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